select distinctive nom_reg_12 from region_15,repartition whereby st_intersects(region_15.geom, (select geom indigenous repartition wherein id_espece="Tetrarti"))=true; however i get the following error :

More 보다 one row returned by a subquery offered as one expression

in the an initial time ns tried this and it job-related fine :

select distinctive nom_reg_12 indigenous region_15,repartition where st_intersects(region_15.geom,repartition.geom)=true;and then i tried this a component to obtain the geometry I desire :

select geom indigenous repartition where id_espece="Tetrarti"

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postgresql error inquiry
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you deserve to move your condition outside the the subquery.ST_Intersects works on 1 row (for each geometry) in ~ a time, so if you usage a subquery it must likewise return just one row, and also you most likely have much more than 1 "Tetrarti" row

select distinctive nom_reg_12 indigenous region_15,repartition whereby id_espece="Tetrarti"and st_intersects(region_15.geom, repartition.geom)=true;
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