Stan and Kyle wait in ~ the bus avoid for their dads to get ago from battle. Butters mirrors up v a letter from Cartman speak they will certainly not sleep until they victory the war.

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The Confederates go on a drunken rampage all the way to Tennessee, the nationwide Guard is now involved, and Stan has actually a plan.

The Confederates get stopped by the nationwide Guard in southern Carolina. A substantial mob the locals join them in battle, and also they take fort Sumter.

The Confederates acquire to D.C. And demand the Confederacy be declared its own nation. Clinton and also Gore agree come speak through them.

Shelly tries to sing "I Saw 3 Ships" yet her speech impediment provides her trouble. Stan and also Kyle laugh at her, so she throws a piano at them.
Kyle bring Hanukkah into the mix by to sing "The Dreidel Song." However, the more people join in, the an ext the message is lost.
A sad little Hitler sings to self in German while sitting approximately in Hell, yet then Satan shows up and brightens the mood.
A chorus that Mr. Mackeys sings "Carol the the Bells." that multiplies, turns right into bells, and softly sings for all to enjoy.
The postman and the kids introduce united state to Mr. Hankey and also his Christmas Classics. Songs, stink and holiday cheer.
Cartman sings "O divine Night." he starts off v the traditional version and then alters the lyrics to talk about an ext relevant issues, favor presents and pie.
Mr. Garrison teaches the kids about Christmas about the civilization with a song dubbed "Merry Fucking Christmas."
Santa and also Jesus song a lounge-style medley the Christmas songs together. Santa gets mad because there are still more songs around Jesus, for this reason he storms off the stage.
Mr. Hankey and also the gang song a lovely "Have yourself a Merry little Christmas" for the finale. Climate Hankey gets flushed down the toilet.
While Cartman, Kyle and also Kenny talk around their woman-business, Stan make the efforts to gain some answers from Chef.
Jesus asks God to show himself on new Year"s Eve. Kyle asks Ike if he need to lie around getting his period.

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