Hello, new to magic and I have a Mana Geode that allows me "add mana of any kind of color" mine buddy says that as soon as I activate this card the mana has to be in my hand to play it. My concern is, as soon as I energetic this capability does the mana need to be in my hand to play or deserve to I find my deck for mana come play?


You can be confuse mana and also land.

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Mana is a source you get, typically from soil or artifacts. Imagine the map popping out a White/Blue/Black/Red/Green/Colorless coin that you have the right to buy things with.

When you tap Mana Geode, it gives you a coin of whichever shade you want. You have the right to spend that mana yet you like.

The mana (coin) will certainly disappear when you move to the following phase of your turn, so friend would frequently only tap it when you recognize you're walk to cast something appropriate then (just favor a soil card).

It's at the finish of each step or step now. This is an important distintion espically in older formats

He’s mistaken, that produces your selection of red/blue/black/white/blue, whatever you want, regardless of your hand.

Edit: also green, yet it no need any type of help

Mana is no lands. Mana is the thing lands produce. The usual metaphor is the lands space jobs and also mana is money, or the lands room cows and mana is milk. When you tap an island you obtain 1 blue mana, not one more island. Once you insanity a woodland you obtain 1 eco-friendly mana, not an additional forest. Once you tap Mana Geode you gain 1 (color of her choice) mana, no a land.

I never taken the "add mana = search for a land" misconception, deserve to someone explain to me, why this comes up for this reason often?


Lands have had actually wording that describes "your mana pool" because the game's inception, but the mana swimming pool is not a huge part of playing the game (most people just tap soil to salary for things without ever before using an intermediate holding place), and the hatchet is a continuous source of confusion for players discovering the game.

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To acquire the largely unnecessary words turn off of cards, we've reduce the design template of mana-producing cards come "Add " rather of "Add to your mana pool."


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