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WILKES-BARRE TWP. — v a huge inventory and a knowledgeable employee of musicians, technicians and also teachers, Music go Round offers a multitude of services to music market customers in the Wyoming Valley.

Located in ~ 251 Mundy St., the store carries a selection of guitars, drums, keyboards and also orchestral instruments and sound equipment and accessories. Music walk Round also offers instrument tune-ups and repairs, together with several private studios for music class in guitar, bass, piano and flute.

The Music go Round, a chain, started as Hi tech Consignments Inc. In Minneapolis in 1986. Seven years later, the company was purchased by Winmark and also renamed, and also Music go Round now has 34 locations throughout the united States.

Harry McDonnell and his wife, Linda, both the Shavertown, opened their franchise in Wilkes-Barre Township 18 year ago.

McDonnell took an early interest in the guitar, play in 5th grade. His first career project out that college, in ~ a software application company, took him additional from music for a while, however he claimed Linda lugged him back to it.

“My wife is a musician, and we said, ‘Let’s carry out something together,’” McDonnell said. “We ended up law this.”

Although Music walk Round sells some new products, McDonnell claimed a specifying characteristic is the store’s emphasis on second-hand merchandise.

“We’re mostly a used-gear store,” he said. “From the client perspective, you recognize you can gain value point pricing top top anything we have.”

McDonnell stated Music walk Round relies on world to carry in items lock have offered up ~ above or no longer have use for, which deserve to be an instrument that needs work or other almost brand-new that merely didn’t complement a musician’s layout or feel.

“You don’t need to come in expecting to trade in for another item,” McDonnell said. “We will certainly gladly do you an market on everything you lug in. We’ll purchase anything and also sell anything, from an tool to a music stand.”

Music go Round’s spectrum of tools caters to anyone from the beginner to the more experienced player trying to find professional-grade gear.

“If you’re a beginner, we’ll shot to to the right you v something reasonably priced to gain you started, hope something that will take,” McDonnell said.

Matthew Gabriel, 34, that Wilkes-Barre, to buy his first bass guitar at Music walk Round once it opened in 1999. Gabriel’s brother was classically trained in piano and also violin through Linda McDonnell at another music school, and also his family members was invite to check out the store’s inventory prior to its opening.

“I could have to buy the first bass the was marketed there,” Gabriel said. “And since then, I’ve purchased five an ext basses from them.”

Lessons are offered in guitar and bass by number of seasoned musicians employed by the store, and also Linda McDonnell is the major teacher because that piano and also flute.

Harry McDonnell said about 75 percent that the store’s students are beginners; the rest are practiced and also even experienced players who desire to sharpen their an abilities by finding out from a musician with much more experience.

For the neglected or sick instrument, Music go Round supplies a wide range of maintenance and also repair services, including whatever from a general cleaning and tune-up to more intensive electronics repairs and also replacements.

Store manager josh Turner, of forty Forty, help customers as a sleeve salesman and a technician — he’s among the store’s many experienced with electric guitar components.

Turner said he enjoys assisting customers that come in through a guitar they think is in disrepair or incapable of sounding exactly how they’d like.

“It’s pretty gratifying learning you deserve to make someone’s tool play better,” Turner said. “There room (customers) who will ask because that me personally, since I built something for them 10 year ago.”

But working on tools isn’t the best component of Turner’s job.

“Personally, my favourite time that the year is the Christmas season,” that said. “You’re getting brand-new blood into the industry. You can sell (customers) a guitar, something affordable that’s finest for a beginner, yet what girlfriend really want to market them is the knowledge that not everybody i do not care an overnight sensation. You desire to allow them recognize that that takes a lot of dedication to play their instrument well.”

In terms of customers and students served, bother McDonnell claimed Music go Round has been top top a consistent growth path since opening almost two decades ago.

“We had our best year critical year,” that said. “… and also we’re already ahead of that speed so much this year. We’re ~ above an increase trajectory. Business is good.”


Linda and also Harry McDonnell opened their music store, Music go Round, 18 years ago. Linda, a musician, is the primary piano and flute teacher at the business.

https://www.discoverhotmail.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/web1_TTL043017excellingMusic-Go-Round1-2.jpgLinda and Harry McDonnell opened their music store, Music walk Round, 18 year ago. Linda, a musician, is the primary piano and flute teacher at the business. Aimee Dilger | time Leader


Acoustic guitars cave at the store, which deals in brand-new and used tools that additionally include drums, keyboards and orchestral pieces.

https://www.discoverhotmail.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/web1_TTL043017excellingMusic-Go-Round4-2.jpgAcoustic guitars cave at the store, which transaction in new and used tools that additionally include drums, keyboards and also orchestral pieces. Aimee Dilger | time Leader


John Delaney, a guitar and also sales technology at Music walk Round, works on a guitar. Maintenance and repair solutions at the music store variety from a constant tune-up to electronics repairs and also replacements.

https://www.discoverhotmail.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/web1_TTL043017excellingMusic-Go-Round2-2.jpgJohn Delaney, a guitar and sales technology at Music go Round, functions on a guitar. Maintenance and repair solutions at the music store selection from a continuous tune-up to electronic devices repairs and replacements. Aimee Dilger | times Leader


Store manager mockery Turner picks an acoustic guitar at Music walk Round in Wilkes-Barre Township. Turner says his favorite component of the task is ushering ‘new blood’ right into the music industry.

https://www.discoverhotmail.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/web1_TTL043017excellingMusic-Go-Round3-2.jpgStore manager mockery Turner choose an acoustic etc at Music walk Round in Wilkes-Barre Township. Turner claims his favorite component of the project is ushering ‘new blood’ right into the music industry. Aimee Dilger | time Leader


Address: 251 Mundy St., Wilkes-Barre Township

Year opened: 1999

Owners: Harry and Linda McDonnell

Phone: 570-823-8733

Website: musicgoroundpa.com

Prices: Instruments selection from $50 come $1,500 and up. Music lessons expense $20 because that a 30-minute session once a week. Client should speak to to inquire around maintenance and also repair because pricing is excellent on a case-by-case basis.

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Notable: The store counts on customers who sell used and also unwanted gear.