This has always been one of my favourite topics.Share your present or past success in fattening up her husband and or boyfriends.

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I fatten up no one... Yet my best friend does fattening me... Carry out you think I should tell him to stop fattening me up (I think that i am gaining a small fat... And he favor it i guess) or need to I allow him feeding me and just execute what that want... (He always dominate me, and also to be true i am pretty fear of him...)

Some examples

Am ns the only one that finds many of those articles hard to think or maybe farfetched?At the an extremely least, the ones about being 600+?
I have always dreamed of having girlfriend that would be a feeder, or shared gainer. It would certainly be therefore awesome if mine girlfriend would begin to fatten me progressively without me knowing around it. I median like providing me appetite stimulants in secret, baking goods and also I would be taste tester. She would change my garments for enlarge size and also slowly problem me to ingredient my ship at max by offering me reward together sex.After ns started gaining weight and accept that there is no other means than obtaining fat she would choose to play v my belly tenderly / lovingly, she would measure mine belly and keep weight obtain diary through measures. She would likewise take pictures around my body during the progress.
Jt123:I am right now fattening mine husband. Ns have always had a belly fetish but thought the was also weird to admit to it. Critical year that went from a muscular skinny male to now having actually a gut and I love it. I ultimately told him how much it turned me on and also since climate he has actually gained much more weight. I carry out not feed him, yet I do lug him seconds and sometimes 3rd servings, then ice cream cream and also a beer. He loves it as soon as he it s okay so stuffed I need to rub his belly and listen to it too. Ns told him he is a closet feedee since he also gets rotate on when his ship is hard and round.

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I’m really lucky i think that my boyfriend has a really strong appetite. We’ve to be together about 6 months and also he’s obtained from around 416 to 451. Ns am yes, really proud the him. Ns think it’s crucial that that likes the as much as i do. Ns wouldn’t desire to keep doing that if it wasn’t something he wanted or if it gained too dangerous because that his health. Right currently he just hit 451 and also I know we’re aiming because that right approximately 500 ns think and see whereby it goes.I love it once I notice him getting bigger or his shirts getting tighter. Yet I absolutely freaking adore when anyone rather comments top top it. Ns tell him that it’s like his human body is my work of art, of food I want to understand what other civilization think.