For the chorus, the chords sound far better when played prefer this: A G B Ee|----x-----x-----x-----x-----|B|----2-----3-----4-----5-----|G|----2-----0-----4-----4-----|D|----2-----0-----4-----2-----|A|----0-----2-----2-----x-----|E|----x-----3-----x-----x-----| ... Em ... Em ... Em ... Em G Em G Em G Em A G B B7 E B G# D# E B G# D# E B G# D#Far beyond the desert roadway E B G# D#Where everything hangs off E B G#So good the empty an are D# E B G# D#And come erase, forgive, forgot. A G B EHeal them, like fire from a gunA G B EKneeling, my god is the sunA G B EHeal them, with fire from aboveA G B EKneeling, my god is the sun ... Em ... Em ... Em ... UH!G Em G Em G Em A G B B7... G#... B E B G# D#I don’t understand what time that wasE B G# D#I don"t stay a clock E B G# D#So good to be an ant that crawls E B G# D#Atop a spinning absent D F#m C EmD F#m C Em A G B EHeal them, like fire indigenous a gunA G B EKneeling, mine god is the sunA G B EHeal them, through fire indigenous aboveA G B E A G B EKneeling, mine god ... Is the sunlight A G B EAm G B EmAm G B Em A G B EHeal them, favor fire native aboveA G B EKneeling, mine god is the sunA G B E A G B EmHealing, kneeling, Godless heathens. Am G B EmAm G B Em to be G B Em am G BGodless heathens always waltz top top the sky. ... Em ... Em ... Em A Em

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