The Tree Farm

The Tree farm yard is no one mission, but three. They will certainly come in chronological order.

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Fixing The Fence

Mission: solving The Fence
RewardDawa relationship +10, +150 Gols
Exp Gained500

Eventually, you will receive a second mission on your mail. It"s Dawa and he demands some help fixing the fence. You"ll have 14 work to handmade 5 wooden Boards, you"ll require 40 hardwood for that so it"s no biggie. Upon perfect of this mission, you"ll be collection to continue with this storyline.

Panbat Infestation

Mission: Panbat Infestation
RewardDawa relationship +10, Aadit connection +10, +500 Gols, reputation +50
Exp Gained1000

As with the previous mission, you"ll get a mail at some point from Dawa. He needs assist getting rid of a Panbat infestation top top the Tree Farm. Walk to the Research Center after talking to Dawa and Petra will agree to assist you out. You"ll have actually a few choices here:

I want the straightforward one.

If you select this option, Petra will ask for 3 Data Discs and you"ll receive the Loudspeaker blueprint.

I want the complicated one.

You"ll require 5 Data Discs because that this one and also you"ll get the Boombox blueprint.

I want both.

Choosing this option will grant +10 partnership points with Petra and also you"ll receive both the Loudspeaker and also Bombox blueprints, yet she"ll ask because that 8 Data Discs


The following day you"ll get a mail through the diagrams for the item/s girlfriend chose. Keep in mind that friend only have to craft among these items, but the story will unfold differently depending on which one you choose.


Using the Loudspeaker will scare turn off the Panbats.


Using the Boombox will revolve the Panbats friendly and they will roam about the farm yard peacefully.

Now every we need to do is conference the important items to craft the Boombox or Loudspeakers.

Where to discover Rubber Fruit: go kicking trees close to your Workshop and also you"ll get these in no time.Where to find simple Circuits: These can be discovered inside relics in the Abandoned ruins or by killing Sentidog on the Hazardous Ruins.

Saving the Tree Farm

Mission: saving the Tree Farm
RewardDawa connection +10, Aadit partnership +10, +1500 Gols, reputation +150
Exp Gained1800

You"ll gain this mission automatically after finishing the Panbat Infestation mission. You"ll need to talk to Petra and also give she 6 Data Discs. The following day you"ll get an e-mail with part diagrams.


To end up this mission we"ll need the Assembly terminal LV2. To upgrade the Assembly Station, you"ll need 20 Iron Bar, 20 Stone Brick and 5,000 Gols. Head come A&G Construction and use the magazine to upgrade your Assembly Station once you have the necessary Gols and items. Note: You"re gonna need an ext Iron Bars later, to develop the Water Wheel, you"ll need specifically 24 iron Bars to make 12 Large iron Bucket. Uneven you have some of those lying around.

Get your heating systems running and also make 15 Carbon steel Bar. While those cook up, make sure you have 50 Hardwood and also 10 Old Parts. If you need a refresher, Old Parts deserve to be uncovered on the abandoned Ruins, and you"ll need at least a Civil furnace to make Carbon stole Bars. V that, you"ll have every little thing you require for the Water Wheel.

For the Water Engine, you"ll need 2 Small Engine, which girlfriend can find in the abandoned Ruins, yet might be much faster to execute in the Sewage tree Ruins. You"ll require an Industrial Cutter to do Steel Plates.

To gain the Industrial Cutter, you"ll have to give Petra 10 Data Discs in ~ the research study Center. You can get the Industrial heater on your first try. If so, try again and also you"ll acquire it.

The mission right currently doesn"t say it, yet we"ll need a couple of more items prior to going over there (just to conserve us the trip). Develop a Water Storage and 4 Sprinklers, top top the Assembly Station and also the Worktable, respectively. To handmade the Sprinklers, you"ll need 4 Valve. These can be found in the Hazardous Ruins.

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Once you have actually the everything, open up your map and also look at the symbols on the far left and go place the items.