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"Naruto's sadistic side speaking"

'Naruto's sadistic side thinking'

"Tailed beast speaking"

'Tailed beast thinking'



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Last timeKitsune was stood in front of the rest of the council as they said "kitsune leader of the anbu black ops you are hear by stripped of your ninja title and banished from the village for failing to do your job and getting third hokage killed" kitsune growled but breathed deeply and said "if that is what you truly wish then I will leave" after that he disappeared in a shunshin to kakashi's untouched apartment and packed his things when he reached the gate he was met by three figures. Two of which he recognised as tsunade and jiraiya who smiled sadly at the boy and was even more surprised when he saw sasuke stood at the gate with his bag after that he turned and said "let's go before they realise we've gone" and with that they disappeared into thin air.

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A few days after kitsune's banishment minato had noticed how every anbu black ops and jonin were hostile towards himself and the council and he wanted to know why so he called kakashi. The silver haired jonin walked in and glared at his old sensei and said "what do you want hokage-sama" with venom lacing every word he said kushina who was stood to minato's right said "what the hell have we ever done to you to make you show such hatred towards us" kakashi turned to his sensei's wife and said "you and the rest of that stupid fucking council banished my little brother/taichou from the village and you don't expect me to be hostile towards you" kakashi said as his only visible eye gained a murderous glint, after that kakashi disappeared and a huge explosion was heard from training ground 7 minato looked shocked and so did kushina for they didn't know that the council had banished kitsune and they were very shocked to see how much of a connection kakashi had with kitsune.

A few minutes after kakashi left a loud thud that sounded like a stampede of raging bulls came down the halls and the door was flung open revealing a exhausted sakura and ino who looked up at minato and kushina. Sakura said "I'm sorry to disturb you hokage-sama but I believe that sasuke-kun may have left the village" minato stood up and shouted "WHAT, WHAT IS YOUR PROOF" ino presented minato with four resignation letters and four headbands all with a slash through the village symbol.

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Kushina looked at the first three and looked at minato and saw him looking wide eyed at the letter in front him in complete shock. Kushina was worried about her husband she asked "minato what's wrong" minato's hair covered his face as a tear drop fell from his face and he said "naruto he also left the village and he said that he hates Konoha with all his heart and that the main person that was keeping him here was Hiruzen and now that he's gone he has no reason to stay". Ino was confused as to why naruto was causing such a reaction from her hokage and she asked "erm, hokage-sama I don't mean to touch a subject I shouldn't but I'm confused why does naruto leaving have such an impact on you and lady kushina" a second later there was the slam of the door and there stood menma and mito both with shocked expressions.