Find out the begin time and end time for the Naruto Shinobi Striker beta test, and also beta test details!

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Naruto come Boruto: Shinobi Striker supplies a distinct take on the tried and true anime action fighter genre. The upcoming game permits for an almost MOBA-like suffer within the activity gameplay system. Fans space pretty happy through the changes and that way they’re passionate to play the Naruto Shinobi Striker beta test and find the end the full details on the open beta. Of course, that method you’re going to require to know what time the Naruto Shinobi Striker beta check starts and also ends. Don’t worry, we are below for you as this short article covers the Naruto Shinobi Striker beta test begin times and end time so friend don’t have to keep monitor of the beta sessions on your own!

Naruto Shinobi Striker open Beta Details

The new open beta sessions because that Naruto Shinobi Striker consists of 4 maps to play on, 25 ninjutsu to use, added customization options for your developed character, and also the playable characters below. Solitary player and multiplayer modes will be obtainable so players can really obtain a great idea of exactly how the game plays. There will additionally be two brand-new PvP modes included to the beta test, destruction Battle and Base Battle.

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However, it should be noted that these settings will not be obtainable throughout all of the beta sessions.

Playable Characters


Naruto Shinobi Striker Beta check Sessions

Session One

Start Time: July 19 in ~ 11PM PDT / 2PM EDTEnd Time: July 20 in ~ 2AM PDT/ 5AM EDT

Session Two

Start Time: July 20 at 1PM PDT/ 4PM EDTEnd Time: July 20 in ~ 4PM PDT/ 7PM EDT

Session Three

Start Time: July 21 in ~ 2AM PDT/ 5AM EDTEnd Time: July 21 in ~ 5AM PDT/ 8AM EDT

Session Four

Start Time: July 21 at 10AM PDT/ 1PM EDTEnd Time: July 21 at 1PM PDT/ 4PM EDT

Session Five

Start Time: July 21 at 6PM PDT/ 9PM EDTEnd Time: July 21 in ~ 9PM PDT/ 12AM EDT (July 22)

Session Six

Start Time: July 21 at 11PM PDT/ 2AM EDTEnd Time: July 22 in ~ 2AM PDT/ 5AM EDT

Session Seven

Start Time: July 26 at 11PM PDT/ 2AM EDT (July 27)End Time: July 28 in ~ 11PM PDT/ 2AM EDT (July 29)

Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker releases on august 31, 2018 because that the playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. Remain tuned to Prima gamings as us offer an ext coverage that the upcoming title.