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The #1 rated NBA video clip game simulation collection for the critical 15 year (Metacritic).The #1 marketing NBA video clip game simulation collection for the critical 9 years (NPD).Over 85 awards and nominations due to the fact that the launch of playstation 4 & Xbox One

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while 2K17 is a great game, there room some very obvious enhancements that have the right to be made. I"ll perform a couple of pros and cons that the game below:PROS- This is the best basketball video game on the market.- as soon as you have actually a good player/team, the video game is really fun.CONS- The civilization over at 2K made it very daunting to knife VC.- without buying extra VC, the game is very challenging to play in ~ times.- It"s very difficult to prosper without 3 point capabilities.- The load screens are horrible long.- particularly for the legend and legend yellow editions, paying extra money because that these execution was no worthwhile. If you simply want to acquire extra VC, the in-game micro transactions are a much better deal (although, also then, VC is very overpriced).Etc. Etc.If you"re walking to get the video game one way or the other, absolutely do not waste her money on among the distinct editions.Edit: Forgot to mention that few of the digital content in this execution was i do not have anything to it is in found, and the "controller skin" is simply a an extremely plain, useless peel and stick through Kobe"s signature on it.