TheThe Divination professor’s ‘inner eye’ may not have had 20-20 vision, but she did knock united state for 6 a few times once she came out through these bombshells.

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That time she made the prophecy. Girlfriend know, the renowned one

‘The one through the strength to vanquish the Dark Lord philosophies ... Born come those who have thrice defied him, born as the saturday month dies... And also the Dark mr will mark him together his equal, but he will have power the Dark mr knows not... And either need to die at the hand of the other for neither have the right to live when the other survives ... The one v the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born together the saturday month dies…’Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix

We all had a little bit of a laugh in ~ Professor Trelawney’s soggy tea leaves once Harry, Ron and Hermione took on Divination, for this reason imagine harry’s consternation when it turned out she in reality made the prophecy that characterized his entire life.

Although the prophecy was an extremely much self-fulfilling in the Voldemort acted the means he did because the the prophecy (not unequal a Greek tragedy), it definitely unfolded the means Trelawney told it. The one who can vanquish the Dark Lord would certainly be marked as his equal, and also have power the Dark mr knows not; take care of of food turned the end to it is in a Horcrux and was safeguarded due come his mummy sacrifice.

Even much more fascinating is the if Voldemort had gone the various other way, these books could have ended up being called Neville Longbottom and also the… fill in the blanks. after all, Neville was also ‘born together the saturday month dies’ and also was born to parental who had defied Voldemort on three occasions. Also odder tho is that Harry and Neville finished up being good friends, v Neville even finishing off one of the Dark Lord’s Horcruxes.

We actually explored what might"ve been through Neville here.


When she predicted the rebirth of Voldemort

It’s a genuine shame for Trelawney that, ~ above the rarely occasions she suspect a hugely vital prophecy, she timeless forgot all about it and also went earlier to seeing Grims in teacups.

Harry’s Divination exam was a standard example. Lot to his concern, his teacher entered a strange fugue and also foretold the ‘the servant’ would set out come rejoin his master, and also the Dark Lord would rise, ‘greater and more terrible than ever before before’.

It may have sounded pretty grandiose and unbelievable, and also even Trelawney it s her dismissed it together ‘far-fetched’ however she had, in fact, done it again. Peter Pettigrew did without doubt reunite through Voldemort, and also assisted the in his rebirth, whereby he used Harry’s blood to gain back the Dark wizard to power.

When it concerned Lord Voldemort, Trelawney’s inside eye constantly had him covered.

When she knew all around Neville’s damaged teacup

So when she no foreshadowing the return of lord Voldemort, she was foreshadowing the death of she china collection.

Poor Neville Longbottom ended up breaking a teacup or two nearly immediately after Trelawney predicted he would. That course, that does beg the question: did Neville break the teacup since he had actually been told he would, which made him nervous and jumpy? Or was it really written in the stars? one of two people way, we have to provide this one to Professor Trelawney – Hermione would be appalled.


Knowing the someone from her class would ‘leave forever’

We would success the ‘Understatement the the Year’ compensation by suggesting that Hermione no quite choose Divination. The greatest bookworm in hogwart denounced the topic as ‘woolly’ and also a many ‘guesswork’, so it wasn’t terribly surprisingly as soon as Hermione chose she’d had sufficient of pulling personal Professor Trelawney’s ‘predictions’ and also packed the class in.

Ironically, this in reality fulfilled Trelawney’s earlier prediction where she foretold the ‘one of our number will certainly leave forever’. Cosmic! Or possibly she could just sense Hermione didn’t prefer her.

The fate the Lavender’s pets rabbit

Lavender Brown, along with Padma and also Parvati Patil, were large Divination devotees and hung on to Professor Trelawney’s every word prefer it was gospel. So once Lavender to be warned that the thing she had been dreading would take ar on Friday the sixteenth of October, she take it it very, very seriously. Spookily, Lavender received a letter ~ above that an extremely day informing her that her rabbit had been killed by a fox.

Technically, had actually Lavender really been dreading the fatality of the tiny guy? whether or not the wording was fairly correct, the day was sound enough.

‘13 in ~ the dinner table…’

This was more of a superstition 보다 a prediction, but once again Sybil stumbled top top something. In Harry Potter and also the prisoner of Azkaban, Professor Trelawney was much more than reluctant to join them for Christmas dinner due to the fact that 12 world were already seated. According to Trelawney, once 13 civilization are at the table, the first person to rise will it is in the very first to die. What a means to obtain out that a society gathering!

If you only give this ar of the publication a rapid read without much thought, you’d be forgiven for thinking she acquired this one spectacularly wrong. However, look at a little bit closer and also you’ll watch that Ron constantly brought Scabbers in his pocket because of the looming threat of Crookshanks, and seeing the the rat was actually Peter Pettigrew, that made 13 currently at the table before Trelawney satellite down. Albus Dumbledore was the an initial to rise as soon as he greeted her... And he was undoubtedly the first of that group to die.


When she stated a ‘lightning-struck tower’

When bother overheard Professor Trelawney muttering come herself and also shuffling she cards, he no think lot of it. But pay fist to she seemingly pointless ramblings, together they it seems ~ to it is in distressingly accurate. Professor Trelawney was agitated since Dumbledore i will not ~ heed her warnings of approaching doom.

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She repeatedly saw ‘the lightning-struck tower. Calamity. Disaster. Comes nearer every the time.’

Alone, this utterances don’t organize much significance... Yet when Dumbledore was hit by the killing Curse in ~ the height of the Astronomy Tower mere hrs later, every little thing suddenly slotted together.