At the start of the third chapter I have actually a talk v Nathyrra. After ~ I offer her the we could be much more than just friends, she replies the she doesn't feel anything come me and that she is i m really sorry for the etc. Etc. Is that common or have actually I missed anything?
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Were girlfriend able to speak to she in chapter 2? I'd guess girlfriend missed opportunities there, but I'm not sure.

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I'm no sure. I could flirt through her as soon as she began the conversation, yet it taken place only once I think. Once it is me who starts I can talk only about tactics or questioning her exactly how is she. She answer counts on her health and wellness though.
Yeah, sorry, I meant there i think there should have been several opportunities for you come flirt through her in chapter 2 (and there may be other requirements, choose not betraying the Seer or something). Could need to speak to her around non-tactics/how is she together well, however I think those might unlock based upon the motivated conversations she starts.Don't have actually the time come pick with the scripts at the moment, however I'd bet $10 you missed part stuff in thing 2 (and if I'm wrong, you have the right to redeem the by having me to buy a copy of NWN for a girlfriend of yours).

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Banikovec wrote...At the begin of the 3rd chapter I have a talk v Nathyrra. ~ I offer her the we could be an ext than just friends, she replies the she doesn't feel anything to me and that she is i m really sorry for that etc. Etc. Is that typical or have I to let go anything?

1.You had actually not adventure through her long enough?2.You are playing from original campaign, friend player had actually romance v lady Aribeth before?3.You are female player? 'Posted4.You had actually developed another romance with other female NPC (e.g.Shawyn, Linu)?5.You have developed other good relationship/freindship with other NPC (e.g. Deekin,Daelan,Valen)?6.Nathyrra is drow, the drow tribe use another collection of dialogue, sometimes you have to say with an ext unusual than normal romance... 'Posted
Well I simply recently completed the game as one Elven Arcane Archer that flirted v Sharwyn and used her mostly in thing 1...But I was able to romance Nathyrra without any kind of issue throughout the game and also to the end.
"2.You room playing from original campaign, friend player had romance through lady Aribeth before?"Shouldnt it is in an isue - i played it as a bard and had woth the same character in the OC romanced Linu and also Aribeth. Yet maybe the video game was a little bugged in the romantic department. I finished up having a romance v both the Aribeth-character (did she have a different name?) and Nathyra in thing 3 - the game finished with the epiloque stating that ns was living through the Aribeth-character and advendturing with Nathyra... Not a negative life perhaps, however probably not an intended ending?