Having been pushed ago to January 19, 2018, it seems the exaggeration train behind BANDAI NAMCO and also LEVEL-5’s sequel come the initial Ni no KuniNi no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom – is tho chugging follow me splendidly. Currently we have actually even an ext wonderful news come share around the upcoming JRPG because that gamers in Asia.

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There will certainly be three different versions of the video game up because that pre-order, namely the Standard, Prince’s, and king Editions! as the names suggest, these various tiers will certainly reward you with in-game items, physics rewards, and also for the king’s Edition, a really beautiful diorama.

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If you acquisition the Standard version on day 1 at retail, you will likewise be obtaining an in-game price DLC of a one-of-a-kind Sword collection of 5 comprise The Jade Katana, Siren’s Sabre, Cloudcutter, The Bleeding Edge, and Greenling Glaive, and also a Ni no Kuni II tote bag (available at participating sleeve stores). Digital to buy will get you the DLC together well.



Moving on, the Prince’s Edition will get the same DLC reward, a Season Pass (more on the later), one exclusive and spiffy-looking steelbook case, and an exclusive making-of Blu-Ray disc included. Not a negative deal in ~ all.



Lastly, and also most coveted would certainly be the King’s Edition. Not just do you acquire the items in the over mentioned editions, friend will additionally get a Joe Hisaishi composed theme vinyl record, an exclusive 148-page art book featuring concept art by Yoshiyuki Momose and LEVEL-5, and a gorgeous 20cm tall evolution of a King diorama figure with rotating scenes, the is also a music crate that plays the game’s main theme!


We suggest you get to pre-ordering currently at her favourite regional retailers (like Qisahn) and also expect to pay a pretty coin if you are gonna get the king’s Edition. One point for problem though, is the Season Pass. There has actually been small information revealed yet about the Season Pass, although it is supposed to have two extr pieces that content. Save your money if you desire to wait and see what you space getting prior to taking the plunge.


For other parts the the world, they would be acquiring a different set for Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom. The Day One Edition will net you the game and the DLC of a one-of-a-kind Sword collection of 5.



The Premium Edition will net you the same DLC, a Music CD Collection, a 3D PaperCraft Kit, the steelbook case, and housed in the Premium version packaging.



The Digital luxurious Edition will net girlfriend the Special Sword collection of 5, the Season Pass, the exclusive Dragon’s this weapon, one exclusive theme, and five to exclude, avatars for her profile.

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Buyers of the Collector’s Edition will certainly net friend the above rewards, in addition to The making of Ni no Kuni II Blu-Ray, a Ni no Kuni II visual Arts Book, a Lofty Plush, and also a Chibi mechanical Rotating Diorama. All packaged in a unique Collector’s version packaging!


Whew, over there are definitely plenty to think about if friend are gaining one of the an ext hotly-anticipated RPGs of this generation, hopefully you are early and already have your desired edition locked. Currently all we need to do is wait for January 18, 2018!

Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom will release ~ above January 18, 2018 for the playstation 4 and PC.