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Ninja Rages in ~ Kid, or just Ninja Raging, describes a record of Mixer streamer Tyler "Ninja" Blevins verbally abusing one opponent during an H1Z1 match in February 2017. After Ninja addressed the problem of bullying during a live transfer in in march 2018, the recordings were widely circulated online to mock the streamer.


In February 2017, throughout a now-unavailable H1Z1 Twitch broadcast, Ninja verbally abused an opponent nicknamed OnionCSGO, supposedly a child, through screaming, violation them and mocking your laughter<1>.

The fuck did you say come me, you tiny shit? how are you no in fucking school? friend kiss your mommy with the mouth? It"s dubbed you kiss your mom with the fucking mouth? Huh? Huh? due to the fact that the fucking youth of . You shut up when I"m talk to you, friend shut her mouth!

On February 21st, 2017 YouTube channel Twitch circulation uploaded the record (shown below, left). In two years, the video clip gained end 120,000 views. Top top February 24th, the Twitch dram YouTube uploaded a similar video (shown below, right), which gained over 1.3 million views within the same time period.


On in march 21st, 2018, Ninja addressed the issue of bullying during his stream and urged his audience to never bully other people<2>.

On in march 27th, 2018, YouTuber Coolea uploaded a video titled "Do no bully people" – Ninja", in which he linked the 2 stream recordings, alluding to hypocrisy in Ninja"s very nice (shown below, left). The video received end 3.3 million views in 9 months. On might 6th, YouTuber Slushier uploaded a video clip titled "Ninja on Bullying", showcasing an ext examples of linguistic abuse and unsportsmanlike behaviour indigenous the streamer (shown below, right). The video clip gained over 2.8 million see in 7 months.

On June 26th, 2018, YouTuber Bakbak uploaded a video presenting the recording in a form of an annoyed Bird meme. The video clip gained over 16,200 views in 6 months.

On respectable 3rd, 2018, Instagram user posted an everyone Is Here edit of the stream footage. The article gained end 7,600 likes in 5 months.

see this write-up on Instagram
A post shared by Death Grips ( on Aug 2, 2018 in ~ 2:03pm PDT

The recording got a boost in popularity after ~ above December 6th, 2018, Ninja to be featured in the 2018 YouTube Rewind. On the very same day, YouTuber Joshy posted an edit of a scene from the YouTube Rewind to Twitter<3>. The write-up gained over 5,000 retweets within 2 weeks.

Best component from #YouTubeRewind

— Creator Code: Joshy (
joshe) December 6, 2018

On December 7th, 2018, the meme to be featured in YouTube Rewind evaluation posted by PewDiePie<4>.

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On December 20th, 2018, YouTuber Dolan Darker uploaded another version of the meme. The video gained end 180,000 see in 4 days.