I am discovering NodeJS and the course I’m adhering to has number of projects, arranged by sections. I have all the projects under one main folder, which is also a git repository.

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Each of these subfolders in the key folder is a node task by itself, complete with package.json and related dependencies in node_modules. The trouble is when I do the efforts to press the node app in one such folder(todo-api) to heroku, I acquire the complying with error –

remote: Compressing resource files... Done.remote: structure source:remote: remote: ! No default language could be detected because that this app.remote: HINT: This occurs as soon as Heroku can not detect the buildpack to use for this application automatically.remote: view https://devcenter.heroku.com/articles/buildpacksremote: remote: ! push failedremote: Verifying deploy...remote: remote: ! press rejected to agile-forest-32749.remote: come https://git.heroku.com/agile-forest-32749.git ! understand -> understand (pre-receive hook declined)error: fail to push some refs to "https://git.heroku.com/agile-forest-32749.git"
This is the magazine structure for the job –


I determined to refactor out the todo-api subfolder into a new project all by itself, and also this time the push to Heroku works just fine –


I don’t know why I gain the “no default language” error, particularly when the node application is precisely the same in both places. Any kind of thoughts?


Heroku has a collection of default buildpacks, offered when it needs to finding the language of her app.In bespeak to carry out that detection, it runs the bin/detect command of each of those default buildpacks, until one of them return a 0 leave code.

This is the command because that the node buildpack.As you deserve to see, it calls for a package.json come be situated at the root of her app, not in a subfolder.

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This is the distinction causing your build to fail. You need to put your application at the source of your git repository.

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