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Steve native Dublin, Oh.Went come YSU in the 60s. Knew john Ballas. Satellite buy him in speech class. Ns roomed v Bill Ross the drummer who also knew john not details of order of John"s critical nameJim Kostelic indigenous Canfield,ohioI was elevated in Cornersburg and also I usage to hear you guys practicing ~ above Straley Lane.... To be it Ting who usage to live there... Annabelle indigenous Eugene, OrTo Howard in St. Luigi Park, MN ns think the foghorn-like sound friend hear in the intro is actually guitar feedback.Byron from KansasWhere have the right to I discover a copy that the extended opening and closing version on vinyl? Thanks. An excellent song. I constantly heard a team member obtained drafted. Is the true?Ed native Newburgh, NyHey -squid, Clarksburg, WV. Girlfriend are method off. I doubt friend were everywhere near the studio as soon as Nobody however Me was recorded.How perform I recognize that? I recognize that due to the fact that I"m a former lead singer for The human being Beinz and also I likewise played v Ting Markulin native 2005 come 2011.Ting told me the story personally, about what took location at the record session for Nobody yet Me. Nobody else was in the studio; except,all 4 of the human being Beinz and also their producer Lou Avezedo. And you"re dead wrong about the quarter and also the coke bottle. If you were there, then you would know that Mel Pachuta play the 16th notes on a PEPSI bottle, with a drumstick. But you weren"t there, squid. Quite try, though. Anyone can read the true story around that recording session on the net page because that the human Beinz: me a donate squid. Carry out your research prior to you begin telling lies about where you to be or how vital you are, ok? in ~ least get the facts straight... Girlfriend squid!-Rick White, former Lead singer because that The human being Beinz. Look the up.Randy from Fayettevile, ArWow! What a song! I always wondered what the pinging sound to be at the finish of the document & currently I know. "Nobody however Me" came out in 1968 once there were a lot of music varieties in absent & roll. Psychedelic rock, folk-rock, bubble gum rock, soft rock, pop, and also hard rock. After it faded, we never heard from The human Beinz again. Yet it was a rockin" song for the times.Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn January 28th 1968, "Nobody but Me" by the person Beinz peaked at #8 (for 3 weeks) on Billboard"s hot Top 100 chart; it had entered the graph on December 3rd, 1967 and spent 15 mainly on the optimal 100 (and 4 of those 15 weeks were on the height 10)...As currently stated above it was composed by the Isley Brothers; it was track 16 on your 1962 album "Twist and Shout" and was released as a single, got to #106 top top the "Bubbling Under the peak 100" chart... The human being Beinz"s only other optimal 100 hit to be a spanned version that Bobby Bland"s 1962 document "Turn On your Love Light"; it reached #80 in the U.S.A. However did height at #1 in Japan.Charles Hollingswort from Leeds, AlThis song:you have the right to "Blame the On The Bossa Nova." Really!!!Steve native Whittier, CaNo, No, No, No, No, No, many beinz in here? This quantities to a hill of beinz. Jack took some beinz come the local market.Budd indigenous Rutland, VtThis tune rocked.A an excellent one struggle wonder from the 60s.It sure have the right to tire you out in between singing no a zillion times and trying to carry out all the dances real fast just to save up through it all.It"s a good workout record.Love that fuzzy etc sound and also mind bending organ.Dominick from new York, NyI remember as soon as the tape performed the tune on "American Bandstand." cock Clark asked lock why they had actually such an unexplained spelling because that the tape name. They stated it was a mistake. The was claimed to be spelled effectively as "The person Beings," however in the sirloin to get the single to market, the printer made a mistake and also put "The human being Beinz" top top the record label, for this reason they kept it.Donald native Lewiston, MeQ: What contemporary of Sam Cooke videotaped a song that transforms into an early version of this one? ns heard it once years ago and now I can"t discover it or also anyone who knows what I"m talk about...Ed native Newburgh, NyHi some intresting comments. I play v Ting Markulin In the human Beinz. Ns took the location of Mel the Bassist who plays country music now. The human Beinz may be contacted in ~ humanbeinz05
yahoo.comEkristheh native Halath, unified StatesThis was used in a (Canon?) copier advertisement in the 1980s in which, amongst other things, one elephant sit on a rival brand.Marilyn indigenous Indian Orchard, roof remember being in a dance challenge in small high once this came out.We make the finals!Bob native Hicksville, NyA great tune around the local dances going on at the time!!!! Come on male boog-a-loo!!!!goldy...FLASteve native Fenton, MoAn exceptional song...if you room feeling down, just put this song on and also crank up the volume.Dirk from Nashville, TnSquid--How did they acquire such a hot sound on the etc solo? Reminds me of the solo on Mitch Ryder"s "Devil with a Blue Dress." very same smokey overdrive. Howard native St. Luigi Park, MnLet"s not forget the foghorn-like sound in the intro. Follow from Chillicothe, OhGreatest song ever before recorded, bar none.Megan native Goldsboro, NcEveryone to know why they sang "No, no no" repeatedly! Ohhh, you room so naive... Must I explain it? Dave Marsh was making a statistics joke, come turn off it, friend must"ve establish that! Honestly...Derek native Carmel, InThis was in Kill Bill.Squid indigenous Clarksburg, WvYou men don"t acquire it. The song, originally by the Isleys, was based upon the "scat" singing method. I"ve check out that Ernie Isley sang "No, No No..." on purpose, to make it clear that it was - "NOBODY yet ME." this is exactly how they did that in the 60"s.Also, they had actually a second, minor fight from the very same album, "Turn On your Love Light", i beg your pardon is readily accessible in mp3 indigenous me. That is likewise found in a comparable version by Edgar Winter"s White Trash double album "Roadwork." There"s no negativity come it in ~ all. Last, he "Chink" sound you hear at the finish is a quarter being struggle on a Coke bottle. Ns was there when this track went down.see much more comments
...Baby One an ext TimeBritney Spears

"Baby One an ext Time" to be originally offered to TLC yet they pass on it. The R&B trio feel uncomfortable singing ""hit me baby one more time."

there is no YouNilsson

The tune "Without You," a hit for Nilsson in 1972 and Mariah Carey in 1994, to be written and also originally tape-recorded by Badfinger in 1970.

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sweetest ThingU2

Bono composed "Sweetest Thing" for his wife to consist of for functioning on she birthday.

Ms. JacksonOutKast

The "Ms. Jackson" in the OutKast song is Erykah Badu"s mother. Andre 3000 had actually a kid with Badu, and felt she was depicting him as a lousy dad.

TelephoneLady Gaga

The Lady Gaga/Beyoncé collaboration "Telephone" isn"t simply about transforming down an unwanted caller, it"s one analog for exactly how Gaga was feeling overwhelmed, choose a phone call was always ringing in her head.

revolve Up The RadioAutograph

Paper mate paid for Autograph"s "Turn up The Radio" video clip in exchange for prominent placement of your erasable pen.

Women who RockSong creating

Evelyn McDonnell, editor that the book Women that Rock, ~ above why the Supremes are simply as essential as Bob Dylan.

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Superman in SongSong writing

Not everyone can be a superhero, but that hasn"t quit generations of musician from make the efforts to it is in Superman.

Adam Schlesinger of Fountains of WayneSongwriter Interviews

The guy who lugged us "Stacy"s Mom" likewise wrote the mrs Lynch Emmy song and Stephen Colbert"s Christmas songs.

Richie McDonald the LonestarSongwriter Interviews

Richie talks about the influence of "Amazed," and also how his 4-year-old boy inspired another Lonestar hit.

Jim Adkins of Jimmy Eat WorldSongwriter Interviews

Jim talks around the influence of "The Middle" and uses a tree an allegory to explain his songwriting philosophy.

have actually Mercy! It"s Wolfman JackSong composing

The story the the legendary lupine DJ v the songs he inspired.