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Nutrition: An applied Approach, Fourth Edition introduce non-majors come nutrition v an innovative, used format that discourages rote memorization and also promotes long-term understanding of the material. Building on students" organic interest in nutrition, the authors show in a clear, conversational style how an essential nutritional info relates come the students" personal health and also nutrition, and show exactly how to debunk commonly held misconceptions.

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The used approach is reflect in the functional company of the micronutrient chapters, focusing on the vitamins and minerals and their primary features within the body. The used content is concentrated on an essential content areas: fluid and also electrolyte balance, antioxidant function, bone health, and also energy metabolism and blood health—topics of particular importance to instructors. Students can conveniently grasp this accessible conceptual framework for understanding the function nutrients play in their bodies and also overall health.

The 4th Edition functions MasteringNutrition™, an online homework, assessment, and tutorial system that enables instructors come personalize the nutrition course favor never before with next generation course management tools. Students grasp topics v interactive mini-lessons, quizzing, and immediate wrong-answer feedback.


MasteringNutrition is an online homework, tutorial, and assessment product draft to enhance results by help students easily master concepts. Students advantage from self-paced tutorials that function immediate wrong-answer feedback and hints the emulate the office-hour experience to assist keep students on track. With a wide variety of interactive, engaging, and assignable activities, college student are urged to proactively learn and also retain course concepts.

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Focus Figures

NEW! | emphasis Figures are full-page attributes that teach students an essential concepts in nutrition and also explore targeted and also integrated topic areas through intuitive information display screens that are bold, clear, and also detailed.

Behavior Change...Getting started

NEW | behavior Change…Getting started feature, included in applicable key chapters, offers a guide for college student to get awareness the their very own nutrition and put much better decisions into action.



Critical Thinking concerns

NEW! | vital Thinking Questions 
are added to the Nutrition discussions in each main chapter, and to "Nutrition: legend or Fact" features.

Dynamic research Modules

NEW | Dynamic examine Modules improve the performance of studying, by improving students’ examine methods and also acquisition and also retention of information, more enhancing check scores. Dynamic examine Modules encourage a constructive discovering environment and ensures that students are better prepared.


1. Nutrition: Linking Food, Function, and Health In Depth: brand-new Frontiers in Nutrition and Health 

2. Creating a Healthful Diet In Depth: eating Wisely

3. The human being Body: space We really What us Eat? In Depth: Disorders associated to certain Foods

4. Carbhohydrates: Plant-Derived power Nutrients In Depth: Diabetes

5. Fats: essential Energy-Supplying nutrient In Depth: Cardiovascular condition

6. Proteins: critical Components of all Body tissues In Depth: Vitamins and Minerals: Micronutrients with Macro strength

7. Nutrients connected in Fluid and also Electrolyte Balance In Depth: Alcohol

8. Nutrients affiliated in Antioxidant role and Vision In Depth: Cancer

9. Nutrients affiliated in Bone health and wellness In Depth: Osteoporosis

10. Nutrients associated in power Metabolism and also Blood health and wellness In Depth: diet Supplements: need or Waste?

11. Achieving and also Maintaining a Healthful Body load In Depth: Disordered eat

12. Nutrition and also Physical Activity: keys to great Health In Depth: Do energetic People require Ergogenic Aids?

13. Food Safety and also Technology: affect on consumers In Depth: Food Ethics: Sustainability, Equity, and the new Food motion

14. Nutrition through the Life Cycle: Pregancy and also the very first Year the Life In Depth: The Fetal Environment: A Lasting Impression

15. Nutrition through the Life Cycle: Childhood to late Adulthood In Depth: in search of the fractional of Youth

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emerged by the nutrition database specialists at ESHA Research, Inc., and tailored for usage in college nutrition courses. MyDietAnalysis provides an accurate, reliable, and also easy-to-use regimen for students" diet analysis needs. Featured is a database of practically 20,000 foods and also multiple reports. MyDietAnalysis is also accessible as a single sign-on to MasteringNutrition. Brand-new for spring 2013! Online individuals have accessibility to a brand-new mobile website version of MyDietAnalysis. Students have the right to track their diet and activity intake accurately—anytime and also anywhere—from their mobile device.

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