ColorSpanish Oak
BrandOld Masters
Surface RecommendationWood
Item dimensions LxWxH8.8 x 8.8 x 5.5 inches
Item Weight0.09 Kilograms

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This product to add a good valueEasy application and also superior color controlFor inner use and suitable for exterior use as soon as top coated v a protective clear finish›See more product details

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I have Spanish Oak (different brand) and I have actually used Spanish Oak before, and also THIS IS not SPANISH OAK! it is black. Not even a note of oak.
This stain was the perfect solution to darken already stained cabinets for a client. No sanding was needed. I did use 2 coats to acquire the look i wanted. I arrangement to usage in mine own house soon come darken beams and a staircase. Really happy with it!
5.0 out of 5 stars The solution I was looking for without stripping and/or sanding. through J. Miller on January 26, 2017
This stain was the perfect systems to darken currently stained cabinets because that a client. No sanding to be needed. I did use two coats to obtain the look i wanted. I setup to use in mine own home soon come darken beams and a staircase. An extremely happy v it!
constantly have loved this stain! Cant obtain it in stores anymore so i loaded up! i redid all of the painted timber in mine 1876 house with this and also it was so much much easier than trying to get the repaint off. Simply wipe ~ above white painted anything, and also you have a beautiful timber finish and also then put a couple of coats of varnish on the after it dries and you space done!! No stripping and also sanding, and also scrapping!! takes a small practice if you space a newbe to staining, yet you will gain it on the first try.
Applied and also worked as described. It is much darker 보다 the picture shows. There is tiny to no gray color. It is closer to black.
functioned fine. Have the right to was beaten up pretty bad in shipping. It leaked a bit. I had to acquire a new can and pour the stain right into it.
i was hoping to match one more Spanish Oak native Calver Tripp’s that’s no much longer in service but this stain is lot lighter then I essential
requirements a pair of coats come look good, quite deep brown with cooler tones. Ns had much better results as soon as i *didn"t* sand the wood, item come out through a shiny sheen to them, would have actually preferred much more matte.

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