Olea Europea (scientific surname for olive) was tamed in the eastern Mediterranean around 4000 BC and soon thereafter reached the Greek shores.

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To open a bottle of Greek Olive Oil is to pour the Iliad and the Odyssey - 5,000 year of Hellenic society - on persons salad. And also to taste it! there is true genius in a party of Greek Olive Oil.

But what is Olive Oil exactly?

For you, the consumer, it is a rather puzzled product: so countless names, so plenty of brands, so many claims …

One thing though is past doubt: olive oil which carries the brand "virgin" or "extra virgin" is the just oil that is edible native the minute of pressing and also that have the right to truly be referred to as a organic product.

In fact, extra virgin olive oil can be compared to wine. Often the finest stands alongside worst, and also prices differ from simple to double and even more. Yet, we all recognize a an excellent wine from a negative one, and also we are willing to pay for the difference.

Like a good wine, a an excellent extra virgin olive oil counts on tree variety, floor composition, weather conditions, harvesting and crushing methods. Greece has actually of course a heritage of countless years in all elements of olive cultivation however what to adjust it truly apart from the rest of the world is the unique combination of superior varieties the trees, soil structures and micro climates.

The truly outstanding quality the Greek extra virgin olive oil has long been recognized by other olive oil creating countries, as witnessed by the big quantities the Greek olive oil they import. These quantities are blended right into the local production in bespeak to improve its quality.

Of course, the quality of the actual Greek extra virgin olive oil will always by much exceed the of any blend or mixture. The info on a label that an extra virgin olive oil is "produced in Greece" or is a "Greek Product" already ensures the the olive oil is of exceptional quality.

The vital to the high quality of Olea’s final product lies in the sourcing the its extra virgin olive oil. We supervise and also often provide the cultivation, pruning, maintenance, handpicking, pressing and bottling procedures as we have actually been for years. The Olea estates are just a pair of miles far from the press, wherein the olive oil is bottled immediately after the first cold press. We ensure the many fresh olive oil you can possibly get. Every little thing that wake up to this olive oil native the source of the olive tree until it reaches your plate is maintained within the family. Extra virgin olive oil’s birth is a demanding and also passionate affair.

For united state at Olea, developing olive oil is an ext than our specialty, it is our Passion.

The top quality debate

A good deal has been written about the quality worries surrounding Olive Oil.

The problem of olive oil starts at the source. Olives are collected from November to February, greatly by hand, in putting rains and piercing winds. Numerous olives autumn to the ground. These should be accumulated later. They room bruised and oxidize. This oxidative degradation process raises the mountain level that the olive oil inside the olive. In ~ the mill, fresh olives space pressed first, yielding the juice of the fruit, the olive oil. This is the short acidity extra virgin olive oil that consumer world broad seek out. The bruised floor olives room pressed separately, yielding a high acidity olive oil by the surname of "lampante" (from the Italian word for lamp). Lampante olive oil lightened Mediterranean family members for millennia (think of Aladdin’s wonder lamp!). In ~ Olea, us discard ground olives altogether and sell them come a various wholesaler market.

Olive Oil Categories

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil: vigorously flavored oil pressed from the olive fruit by purely physical means; its acidity is very low, varying from 0.1% to 1%. (Note: the mountain is a measure up for how oxidized (bruised) the olives to be at the moment of pressing. In enhancement extra virgin olive oil may likewise be characterized as "First Pressed" or "Cold Pressed" (see below).

Virgin Olive Oil: physically pressed olive oil with an intermediate acidity, varying from 1% come 2%; over 1 pct acidity, Virgin Olive Oil starts presenting organoleptical defects.

First Press: virgin or extra virgin olive oil which are acquired by an initial mechanical pushing at temperatures lower than 27C (80F), in ~ mills that space equipped with traditional presses.

Cold Press: virgin or extra virgin olive oil which are obtained by filtration or by centrifugation at temperatures lower than 27C (80F).

Unfiltered: Filtration is the last step in olive oil production. In general filtering olive oil removes all of the small olive particles that make one oil cloudy. That is often undertaken come ensure the a product will have a uniform clarity throughout all bottling lots.

Thus, unfiltered oil are often much cloudier than their filtered counterparts. Unfiltered oil often retains an ext of that olive flavor and often has a different texture and flavor profile the filtered oil.

Lampante or commercial Olive Oil: physically pressed olive oil not suitable for direct human consumption, either because of the organoleptic defects and/or due to the fact that of the high acidity. Lampante olive oil is collected separately and sent to vegetable oils refineries where its taste and high acidity is removed. The result oil is called refined olive oil. It has the exact same lipids profile as (Extra)-Virgin Olive Oil and is clear, brilliant, lightly coloured, tasteless and odourless. Unfortunately, throughout the refining process, many valuable micro components, like sterols, tocopherols and trace metals, which are at the source of olive oil wellness claims, are likewise removed. 

Olive Oil: a confusing ax since, in accordance through EU regulations, it refers to a blend in between (Extra)-Virgin Olive Oil and… sleek olive oil. The advantage of diluting one Extra-Virgin Olive Oil with refined olive oil is that it reduces the periodically overpowering taste (all this anti-oxidants!) of Extra-Virgin Olive Oil. If one Olive Oil is do from a mix of peak quality polished olive oil and also the finest Extra-Virgin Olive Oil money have the right to buy, the result is a "light" or "mild" version of that same Extra-Virgin Olive Oil. Olive Oil is likewise referred to as "Riviera", "Coupe" or "Pure".

Olive Pomace Oil: once olives room pressed, the olive oil, i beg your pardon is the juice that the fruit, to represent the fluid phase (abt 15%-22% the the olive); the pressed pulp, comprise the fruit’s stone –the kernel- to represent the heavy phase. The kernel still has some olive oil, which have the right to be extracted and sent to a vegetable oils refinery. The oil resulting type this refining process is called refined Olive Pomace Oil. Polished Olive Pomace Oil is comparable in flavor and aspect to polished Olive Oil. Together in "Pure" Olive Oil, Extra-Virgin Olive Oil is blended ago into the polished Olive Pomace Oil to offer it taste, aroma and color. Therefore, the quality of Olive Pomace Oil strongly depends on the high quality of the extra-virgin olive oil offered for the blend. Olive Pomace Oil is frequently referred to together olive "kernel" oil, "sansa", "orujo".

Salad Oil: popular in some abroad export markets; a blend of a sleek vegetable particle oil (mostly sunflower seed oil) with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Salad oil go not have actually the exact same properties as Olive Oil due to the fact that the fatty acids file of seed oils differ significantly from those of olive oil. A Salad Oil is only as good as the worst of its mix components.

Olea Olive Oil

At Olea we perform not produce anything but only ours extra-virgin olive oil obtained by first press of our ripe and selected olives at temperature under 27C. We do not blend polished oils and also we use no other method of altering our olive quality, taste or color. We execute not filter our olive oil, however we do guarantee uniform clarity and no cloudiness. Olea Olive Oil has the true, well-off flavor the olive oil and all connected nutrients and also is acquired by a strictly controlled and also long lasting process, specifically for the food connoisseur.

The story the Olea

After the Greek revolution of 1821 and also the liberation indigenous the footrest occupation, the soil was sold to the Greek civilization by the leaders (captains) that the revolution. That was the time, in 1856, as soon as Nicholas Chronis, to buy a item of land, beside the flow Evrotas the runs with the sink of Sparta. The planted a few hundred olive trees and also patiently cultivated them to assistance his family. That passed them on come his son, George, that passed lock on to his child Nicholas and also four generations later, George Chronis, his great grandson is proud to make the olive oil from this trees accessible to everyone.

The do of Olea

Today, the Olea heritage is house to one increasing variety of olive trees that all four generations attended to and worked hard to keep alive v droughts and freezes. Olea chateaus produces an typical of 2 tons of olive oil every year.

We hand choose the olives only once they space ripe on the tree, move them right to the town spigot a couple of miles under the road, wash them thoroughly and also cold press them.

Only olive oil native the very first press makes it to the glass and also tin containers that Olea, where the rich, full flavor that the oil remains sealed because that you to enjoy.

There room no preservatives, additives, colors or any kind of international oil included to Olea. We perform not more refine byproducts that the very first press come produce more oil.

Here is the many important part of the process: also 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil favor this will certainly be cloudy best off the press. This is since it contains tiny corpuscle of olive flesh and skin that remain in the oil throughout the pushing process.

These particles have to be removed, come ensure a uniform clarity and also no cloudiness. To remove these particles all mass developed olive oil goes v a filtering process that separates these particles from the oil or eliminates them utilizing chemical treatment. In addition to the corpuscle goes few of the olive flavor.

At Olea us patiently usage a natural process to retain the complete olive oil flavor however still guarantee the clarity that filtered olive oil. Us seal the olive oil in stainless stole tanks and also let it sit idle because that 60 work in one-of-a-kind temperature and humidity conditions. During this time the particulate issue naturally handle to the bottom that the tank. After two months we extract the olive oil indigenous the optimal of the tank and ship directly to the USA. Of course, this is not feasible for mass developed olive oil as the overhead of two months, the tanks required to perform this job and also the work involved (including cleaning the tanks in ~ the end of the season) would certainly prohibitively increase the cost in a vain market. However, we usage this olive oil to feeding ourselves and also we do not choose feeding on chemicals (even though they are obviously for sure for consumption); we likewise sure appreciate the complete flavor of unfiltered olive oil. This procedure guarantees an extra low acidity, full, affluent olive oil flavor and the ideal nutritional value. Uncover anyone in this market who can case they usage the same process to develop their oil! asking the question of whether the olive oil is filtered or unfiltered.

To prove our claims and also guarantee our regular quality year after ~ year, we send our olive oil for analysis after every harvest season from every tank before we ship. Here are the latest results that display an acidity of less than 0.3%. We challenge you to uncover anyone the can provide documentation like this at our price allude (or any type of price point for the matter).

We are among the few producers the certify our olive oil every year with both the europe Regulations for biological Products and also with the USDA because that Organic Products. We likewise certify ourbottling facility.

You deserve to taste and also see the high quality of pure very first press olive oil, when you open a bottle of Olea and also dip your warm bread in it. The deep eco-friendly color, the special consistency, the pure aroma, the exquisite taste, all contribute to separate Olea from various other oils in the industry today.

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We proceed to extract ours olive oil native the very same trees, in the exact same way, v the same treatment for over 150 years. We invite you to suffer Olea directly from the heart of Sparta and to taste the difference for yourself.