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I love used garments stores. Ns shop, i sell. I have actually never met a more rude bunch. The woman with much longer brown hair and also glasses to be extremely short with me and everyone else I witnessed her some in contact with. Uneven you happen to offer her a household Reunion dimension greeting. That"s just not me nor should I have to do that. She is there to serve the public. I would NOT recommend this ar to anyone i come in call with. Actually, opposing is true. I will certainly advise world to not go come this location. I will certainly be driving about 15-30 minutes the end of my means to shop an additional OUAC. BOOOOO!

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I have been going to this place for years. They have actually a an excellent selection and I often find unique items. The employee is kinda rude sometimes, but they have been great about two different returns in the past. I"ve never sold to them since I"ve overheard rude comment made around the ingredient people lug in such as""this dress is so tacky"",etc..etc.. I give them 4 stars because you can find really neat stuff, they just need some far better people skills.

I would prefer to express mine disappointment with the when Upon a son store in Oak Hill, Texas. I visited the save with mine 3 month old child. I had some 0-3 month items ns planned to sell. There to be a rather lengthy backlog of items to it is in priced. I was told they would obtain to me as shortly as possible. Ns waited with my 3 month old for approximately 1 hour. My 3 month old was getting restless and the store employees witnessed me continue to walk roughly the save carrying that in his infant carrier, which after time can come to be quite heavy. Ns selected number of items to purchase for mine 2 year old child while i was waiting. Once my surname was finally called the employee said me they wouldn"t it is in purchasing any of my items today, that they were being really selective with smaller, infant sizes. Below is where my complaint lies. Why couldn"t she have actually told me that earlier in the process and saved me and my 3 month old the time and also hassle that waiting around for nothing? every the when the one employee to be pricing item, another teenage employee was cleaning items, while another employee was standing by the one employee pricing article chatting. She was not going through items in advance to obtain an idea around what items they would be pricing. This step alone would have actually saved me 30 mins. I have in the past raved about Once ~ above a Child. I have told numerous people around the store and encouraged others to shop there. I will no longer be doing the or shopping over there myself. I have actually become an extremely disappointed in the service I have received recently and also the quality of items because that sale have gone under hill.