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Ore ga Kanojo wo *su wake is one OVA series by Suzuki Mirano. Before I gain into this review, I'll state mine opinion outright. This hentai is bad, both objectivly, and also subjectively. After watching the last episode, I had actually an very bitter taste in my mouth. However, i waited a little to write this review. The final episode had yet to be subbed into English, and also my expertise of Japanese is... Well... Lacking. And also there to be a year long gap in between episodes 4 and 5, therefore I wanted to refresh mine memory. After binging the series, mine outlook on it softened somewhat. Yet I additionally found new problems, which us shall discuss.What's the story for this OVA? Well, it's all around this whiney spoiled brat called Rinka, that runs far from home and crashes at she uncle's place. She uncle wake up to have actually a jealousy crush on Rinka's mom (and he's most most likely clinically insane), and by this point in mine summery you can probably assumption: v the entirety story from right here on out. Yep, it's NTR, or at the very least it would certainly be. Instead, number of episodes room spent ~ above Rinka fucking about with her uncle (pun very much intended). Let's contact these "filler episodes", because they're several of the most boring shlock I've ever before sat through. Literally nothing of value happens. And when the plot in reality picks up again, it's an absolute trainwreak. The story is worthless, and that's all there is to it.The art/animation is the just decent facet of this dumpster fire. It's by no means great, but it might be lot worse. The arts is nice bland, and if you desire to obtain the ideal out that it, watch it in HD. Since even the slightest downgrades make it look at awful. It does have one redeeming top quality (though not one to be proud of). The face expressions look at ridiculous, and I'm not sure I've ever before laughed this lot while watching a hentai. You have to see castle in action to really understand. The computer animation is continuous though, i m sorry is good. The voice actors perform a well job, at least for what they need to work with. Due to the fact that the manuscript is shit. The dialog is pains bland, and some the it's just plain cringe-worthy!The personalities are awful. There's Rinka, who's an annoying brat and a bucket that wasted potential. Then there's Rinka's mom, and her just personality trait is that she's a whore. And not to point out Rinka's uncle, who I'm particular is a massive shooter waiting to happen. There's also Rinka's dad... And also yeah, he does nothing. Rinka likewise gets that on with some other randos, yet they're not important. Together I hinted earlier, ns think Rinka had some potential to it is in an amazing character, or at least have actually a solve arc. At an early stage It's established that Rinka has actually some type of like on her dad, and also she pretty much betrays him because that the rest of the story. However then she starts to realize that she's just being provided by she uncle. I believed this plot allude was going to be choose up again in the last episode, girlfriend know, to bring things complete circle. But no. Rather we gained a devastating ending, the spits in the confront of anyone who provided a damn and also though some effort could actually go into the story.Overall, i didn't reap this OVA series. It had actually some relatively an excellent scenes sprinkled throughout, but they to be littered in a sea that mediocrity. I was boring through much of this, and it didn't offer lot of noþeles good. I'm of the opinion the the last two illustration (which were released an ext than a year after the others) made the series even worse. Every in all, this to be pretty bad. 3.5/10So, would certainly I reccomend you watch this trash? Well, it's objectively bad, yet you can still get something the end of that if you're right into NTR or rape. Otherwise, steer clean for the time being.