Our Lady the the Ozarks no much longer requires the attract of confront covering / mask. Parishioners and visitors might wish to wear face masks, her choice. Our church seats 276 in ~ capacity. V the exception of Christmas and also Easter, our normal Sunday attendance is +/- 100 people.

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Guests, visitors, neighbors....all room welcomed. Come and also celebrate the holy Sacrifice that the Mass.

Welcome blessing from our parish family

Whether you are visiting for a brief while, have actually moved here and are joining our parish, or are returning to her Catholic Faith, we want to welcome you come Our Lady that the Ozarks.Our parish is committed to inviting and also supporting every parishioner to come to be a disciple that Christ, building His Kingdom v prayer, fellowship and service to others. We encourage girlfriend to connect with the people and also ministriesof our parish community and also look front to meeting you personally.

Please speak to the parish office and also let the friendshipbegin.

Again Welcome!

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Mass TimesReminder --- agree of holy Communion at Mass has returnedto its appropriate order, before the final blessings.

Weekend mass Time: Sunday 8:30 am

Weekday fixed Times: Wednesday andFriday 9:00 am

Sacrament that Reconciliation: 30 minutes before Mass Wednesday and Sunday

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Remember Dispensation from the responsibility to attend Masscontinues until more notice.

For those that chose to sign up with us in person, us look front to seeing at Mass


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Office hours Monday, Wednesday & Friday 8:00 to be to 2:00pm

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News & Events

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Our Lady that the Ozarks Mission Statement

We room a unique parish called together from far and near. We lug our talents and also our shortcomings, ours histories, and our hopes. Most of all, we bring our faith, and together in this faith we prosper in loving and serving our parish and also our community. We space blessed to belong to Our Lady the the Ozarks Catholic Church.

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Weekly readingReadings because that the main of October 31, 2021
Lecturas semanalLas lecturas de la semana del 31 de octubre de 2021
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And mary said, "Do what ever He tells you." -- man 2:5

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