Video of the process of creation of oil painting reproduction in our studio.

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We room academy educated europe painters and also we develop our paintings just with museum quality.
We are right now overloaded due to working on few major jobs with huge number the paintings.As this is time consuming, and we need to be able to deliver the committed paintings on time v the supposed quality, we are around to notify you, that we will certainly not accept brand-new orders for oil painting reproductions.Here is the moment to express how proud v all the above, together we room granted v customers trust and high demanding attention to the paints we do ourselves.We sincerely apologies to every one of you, that will should wait in bespeak to use again our high top quality services.In the kind below you have the right to write her request, and we will answer girlfriend if us can encompass the painting in ours scheduler list.
entirely Hand-Painted Painted by Academy graduated European artist Museum-Quality + 4cm (1.6") borders for Stretching creation time: 8-9 weeks
Free worldwide Standard Shipping (15-25 business days) $0.00 USDDHL (3-4 company days)The price because that DHL shipping depends on the weight, the volume, and also the destination of the parcel. After adding of the painting to the purchase cart, friend can examine the price the the shipping services.



We produce our paintings with museum quality and also covering the highest academic standards.Once we obtain your order, it will be completely hand-painted v oil on canvas.All the materials we use space the greatest level, being completely artist graded painting materials and also linen canvas.We will add 1.6" (4cm) extr blank canvas all over the paint for stretching.We not stretch and frame ours oil paintings due to several reasons:Painting reproduction is a high quality expensive product, which we can"t danger to damages by sending out it gift stretched.Also, there are postal restrictions, regarding the dimension of the shipment.Additionally, because of the size of the extended canvas, the delivery price may exceed the price that the product itself.You deserve to stretch and frame your painting in your local frame-shop.
High quality and detailing in every inch are time consuming. The reproduction the Wassily Kandinsky likewise needs time to dry in order come be completely ready for shipping, as this is vital to not be damaged throughout transportation.Based top top the size, level that detail and complexity we need 8-9 mainly to complete the process.In instance the delivery day needs to be prolonged in time, or we room overloaded through requests, there will be an email sent to you share the new timelines that production and also wants to remind you to store patient, in stimulate to gain you the greatest quality, being our mission to accomplish your expectations.
Once the paint "Panel for Edwin R. Campbell No. 4" is ready and also dry, it will certainly be shipped to your delivery address. The canvas will certainly be rolled-up in a certain postal tube.We offer free shipping and also paid express transport services.After adding your artwork to the shopping cart, you will have the ability to check the distribution price making use of the "Estimate Shipping and Tax" tool.

Museum Quality

Over twenty years Experience
only Museum Quality
The paintings we create are only of museum quality. Our academy graduated artists will never permit a compromise in the quality and also detail the the ordered painting. perform not work, and also will never allow ourselves to job-related with low top quality studios from the far East. We room based in Europe, and quality is our highest priority.
Your Panel because that Edwin R. Campbell No. 4 Canvas publish is individually hand-made, using innovative digital technology. The procedure of Giclée print modern technology imparts to the Art publish a vivid clear color, an significant level the detail, and also the really charm together from a museum original. We include plexiglass only on the ordered framed art prints top top paper. Framed artworks top top canvas are exhibited without plexiglass or glass.
If you have actually chosen a Canvas publish of Kandinsky without a frame, it would certainly be ready to be sent to you in ~ 48 hours. However, if you have actually chosen an art print stretched ~ above a frame, then the procedure of printing and also framing will certainly take about 7-8 days.
Our art prints are readily available in sizes the are specifically in proportion come the original paintings in the museum. You might enlarge or mitigate the dimension of the painting by utilizing the upper and also lower purple arrows. We add additional 1.2" (3cm) of empty canvas over the offered dimensions which will certainly be offered to large the canvas top top a stretcher-bar.
The unframed publish of Panel because that Edwin R. Campbell No. 4 will be shipped rolling up in a postal tube. The framed Canvas print will take trip packaged in a cardboard box with additional corner protectors.Due come postal restrictions, we frame prints to a maximum size of 28" (71cm). If you want your print to be published out come a bigger size, climate you will gain it rolled up, and in stimulate to framework it, girlfriend will need to use the services of your local framing studio. After including the publish to the shopping cart, in that is screen, friend can inspect the price the the shipping.

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Your team did a really good job top top the Kandinsky. We room enjoying the a lot. It took a while, however it to be nice.