Fantasy Grounds

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Pathfinder RPG - Chronicles: publication of the Damned - Volume 1: Princes of Darkness

Abandon all Hope...

native the beginning of the god to the citizens of the darkest infernal pit, Princes that Darkness: publication of the Damned Volume 1 is an unflinching look in ~ the methods, motivations, and also goals the Asmodeus, the archdevils, and also the whole hierarchy the Hell. Whether you"re planning to storm the gateways of Avernus or profession in the exotic and also immoral markets of Dis, or merely want to add a splash the diabolical flavor to a standard campaign, this 64-page publication is complete of delicious temptations worthy the Faust himself.

Princes of Darkness includes:

A layer-by-layer description of Hell and its rulers The power structure of Hell, and also how devils are promoted The duty and duties that each sort of devil, including the infernal dukes and also the herald of Asmodeus Guidelines because that infernal contracts evil one talismans, true names, and their uses brand-new Hell-themed spells, magic items, and also artifacts The diabolist prestige class, finish with imp companion Five brand-new kinds of devils, native the blaspheming apostate devil to the sewage levaloch

This stand-alone book can additionally complement the material uncovered in the council of thieves Pathfinder Adventure Path, Pathfinder Chronicles: The an excellent Beyond, and also Pathfinder Companion: Cheliax, realm of Devils.

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By F. Wesley Schneider

This product is no a PDF or obtainable outside the Fantasy Grounds. It has actually been lovingly converted for usage within Fantasy Grounds and features the following additions:

all maps resized and collection up with a preset net to make combats straightforward to control Individual area descriptions connected to maps, containing brand-new encounters, treasure parcels and descriptions for just that area Tokens for each encounter space all pre-placed in starting locations on the map. Friend can edit these top top the fly. Drag and drop treasure parcels and Encounter XP the is conveniently awarded to your players to keep the video game moving ahead every the images and also handouts native the book easily accessible to share through your players as you require them

adjusted for Fantasy Grounds by: Wayne Arsenault

Requires: An energetic subscription or a one time purchase of a Fantasy Grounds complete or ultimate license and the contained Pathfinder RPG and D&D 3.5/ OGL ruleset. Compatible with Fantasy Grounds unit or Fantasy Grounds Classic


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