The new Netflix series, The Umbrella Academy premiered last Friday and instantly took over’s Trending currently chart, which monitor the most renowned songs end the last 48 hours. It was no surprise as soon as the display popped appropriate up come the top of the chart because that the entire week. Height TV tune last mainly goes come a rocking medley of song from the top Phantom of the Opera.

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Phantom that the Opera Medley

by lindsay Stirling

from The Umbrella Academy Soundtrack · Season 1 · illustration 1 · We only See Each various other at Weddings and also Funerals

Opening montage introducing each character.

Starting on a dark stage with a single spotlight, a woman walks on carrying her violin. The electric violin medley carries v a montage of presenting some of the superhero brothers of The Umbrella Academy. The mood and intensity transforms as each tune in the medley blends into the next and the siblings discover the dig news about their father. The song ends abruptly and the violinist is established as Number 7, or Vanya, one of the siblings.

Lindsey Stirling released her plan of ‘The Phantom of the Opera Medley’ in July 2012 v her own label Lindseystomp Records. The medley merges ‘The Phantom the the Opera’, ‘Angel that Music’, ‘Think the Me’, and ‘The Music of the Night.’

Lindsey Stirling is a violinist, dancer, and performance artist. Stirling prospered up in Arizona and also began examining violin at five years old. She is finest known for she YouTube videos and also competing on America’s got Talent season 5 in 2010. Top top AGT, Stirling denote her unique performance format by dancing and also playing violin add by digital backing tracks.

In 2012, she released her self-titled debut album that all-original material on her very own Lindseystomp label. The album marketed over 200,000 duplicates in the United claims as an live independence release. It to be certified gold in Germany (selling over 100,000 duplicates there), Austria, and Switzerland.

Over the next couple of years, Stirling toured and also played through a range of collaborations. She exit a pair of collaborative EPs and her sophomore album, Shatter Me, consisted of other vocalists, debuting in ~ number 2 on the album charts. Together with taking part in several new collaborations, Stirling spent most of 2014 and early 2015 ~ above a massive people tour the took her throughout North America, v Europe, and into Oceania.

Stirling has actually earned 2 Billboard music awards for “Top Dance/Electronic Album.” Lindsey’s 3rd studio album Brave enough debuted at #5 ~ above Billboard’s optimal 200 Album Chart, and also includes collaborations through ZZ Ward, Andrew McMahon and also the Wilderness, and also Rivers Cuomo. Her collaboration with Andrew McMahon, ‘Something Wild’ was preferred as the theme tune to the Disney 2016 reboot of Pete’s Dragon. Her marketed out tourism have produced critically praised concerts across the globe, extending a wide variety of continents consisting of the U.S., Europe and South America.

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In 2016, lindsay released a memoir referred to as “The just Pirate at the Party” i m sorry debuted top top the new York Times’ best-seller list. In October 2017, Stirling exit her fourth studio album and an initial Christmas album, Warmer in the Winter, which contained collaborations with Becky G., Alex Gaskarth of all Time Low, and Sabrina Carpenter. That very same year, Stirling join the actors for the 25th season of Dancing with the Stars.