KNOWLEDGE DRILLS expertise DRILL 10-1: fist AND key POINT recognition The complying with sentences are from caution and crucial Point boxes discovered throughout thing 10 in the TEXTBOOK. Making use of the TEXTBOOK, fill in the blanks v the lacking information 1. Occasionally (A) blood acquired by (B) _during (C) draw instances is put right into (D) . As soon as this is done, the specimen should be labeled together (E) blood. Otherwise, it will certainly be suspect to it is in a (F) – _ specimen, which may have different (G) for part tests. 2. Capillary puncture is normally not suitable for patient who room (A) _ or have negative (B) come the (C) from various other causes, such as shock, because (D) might be difficult to obtain and may not be (E) _of(F) _elsewhere in the body. 3. The temperature that the product used to (A) the (B) should not exceed (C) because higher temperatures can (D) the skin, particularly the vulnerable skin of one (E) to clean skin puncture sites because it considerably 4. Perform not usage (A) interferes with a variety of tests, most notably (C) _acid. (D) and pressure, or (B)" the site, together (C) 5. Execute not squeeze, use strong (A) _and (D) (E) contamination of the specimen can result. _motion against the (B) 6. Carry out not usage a (A) blood that runs (C) the (D) of the skin and also attempt to collection the collector (F) or resulting in them come (H) It deserve to funnel of the microtube versus the skin activates (C). Additionally (1) - or contaminate the specimen 7. Carry out not use (A) to infants and also children under (B) hazard. In addition, bandage (D) skin that newborns and also (F) it as soon as the (G) 8. The (A) (B) _ _must be (C) a bilirubin specimen to stop it native breaking under the (E) - gathered - years of age due to the fact that they pose a (C) can (E) come the paper-thin is removed. (D) – once collecting in the specimen together it is

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U pter 10 Capillary Puncture Equipment, Principles and Procedures an child (A) e 201 tarted, together (D) child screening samples have to be collected of the sample v (E) blood invalidates test outcomes no no co t e the filter document (A) _ by emotional them v or without (B) winst various other object or problem to touch them before, during or (C) specimen sion building material that have been determined as (D) in child screening specimens include formula, lotion, powder, and also (F) . Are thought about (B) or (C) _material till they space (D) 11. Blood (A) or fixed. (p) 12. Capillary specimen collection is especially useful for (A) patients in who removal of (B) amounts of blood through venipuncture deserve to have (C) 13. An important (A) _.required lancet safety feature is a permanently (B) tongue or (D) to mitigate the risk of accidental sharps injury. 14. Although (A) . (B) microtubes are obtainable from some manufacturers, they room not to be used for (C) Specimens. They space intended come be offered for (D) (E) accumulated by (F) in complicated draw situations. 15. Pay strict attention to (A) (B) the microtubes comprise (C) excess (D) in (E) _microtubes can (F) – influence test results. 16. According to (A) heel puncture blood specimens space (B) because that (C) screening 17. (A) levels might be falsely elevated if there is (B) liquid contamination or (C) that the specimen 18. Finger punctures have to not it is in performed ~ above (A) - because the street from the skin surface ar of each finger varies from (D) come (B) also in the thickest part of the critical (C) - which way the bone could be easily injured. 19. (A) (an immediate repeat puncture in ~ the same site) is never (B) at any kind of time and also cannot be restarted, a brand-new puncture at a If blood walk not circulation or stops (C) - (D) 20. Specimens for (A) site have to be performed.

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(B) tests must be collected separately and also from a (C) puncture site.