Lori Sisemore, the owner the Poco & Mom’s, marketed the flagship restaurant to emphasis on the Tanque Verde roadway location.

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Courtesy Poco & Mom’s via facebook

Poco and also Mom’s Cantina, a well-known discoverhotmail.com mexico restaurant, closeup of the door its flagship location at 1060 S. Kolb roadway last weekend.

General Manager mark Meabon stated owner Lori Sisemore had been toying with the idea of selling the Kolb place for nearly a year for this reason she can focus on the Tanque Verde roadway restaurant that she opened up in 2014. Meabon said she sold the company early this month and the new owners plan to open a Sonoran brunch restaurant in the space. No various other details to be available.

Sisemore, working v her daughter Kimberly, opened the original brand-new Mexico-inspired Poco and Mom’s in 1999. It offered breakfast and lunch.

Poco and Mom’s top top Kolb is the 3rd discoverhotmail.com restaurant to close in recent weeks as restaurateurs brace because that the timeless summer slowdown. MiAn episode & modern-day Asian Cuisine in ~ 88 E. Broadway downtown closed June 4. A couple of days later, ~ above June 7, midtown burger and fish share Besties at 14 W. Grant Road was likewise shuttered.


Besties Restaurant, with a food selection of steam burgers and fried fish, closed critical Friday.

Courtesy Besties via on facebook

Besties, the steam burger and fish joint the took over for mother Hubbard’s diner in late 2017, has closed.

In a facebook post, owner Kade Mislinski hinted in ~ plans to discover a new location ~ above North 4th Avenue and reopen sometime in the fall.

In a phone speak to Monday, he said that for now he likely will open up Besties together a pop-up concept on the ago patio that Cafe pasy at 415 N. 4th Ave., whereby he is command cook and also kitchen manager for owner Jenny Rice.


The mariscos restaurant Casa Valencia entered the old Yoshimatsu building at 2741 N. Campbell Ave. 

Andi BerlinArizona daily Star

Casa Valencia officials can not be reached for comment when contacted on April 2. The restaurant do no announcement of the closure on its social media.

Prep & Pastry plans to move right into the space, i beg your pardon is much larger than the breakfast eatery"s current location.


Club 21 mexican Restaurant & Cantina mexican food to be operated by the same family from the time it opened in 1946 come its closeup of the door this week. The restaurant in ~ 2920 N. Oracle Road started as a ramshackle structure that has because been renovated.

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Courtesy the Jacob family

In a facebook post, owner Taft “Skip” Jacob said his household “had the privilege of serving generations of discoverhotmail.com families from our very same location here on north Oracle Road” because that 73 years.

“First dates, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, new arrivals, graduations, holidays, reunions and even choir practice; made us a component of so numerous lives,” the wrote. “Thank you because that letting us share in all of those one-of-a-kind moments with you.”