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Binary Hack Tools, Tutorials & resources Tutorial Pokemon Fire Red: Physical/Special split Patch and also More! started by Chain June 21st, 2019 2:09 pm


Hey. Happy new Year. Just to give thanks to you because that this patch, IT yes, really MADE my DAY! ns hope you continue with her projects and also this brand-new year might be good for you.
thanks so much. I have a mac and also couldn"t gain a most stuff favor this to work-related today. Now that i found all of this i feel like I winner the lottery! This right here will allow me play randomizers the means I desire SO fast. share

I"m sorry if i didn"t recognize it, however is the PSS just a visual change to the description of the moves, or does it ACTUALLY separation moves into physical and also special, like, will it work-related or is it just a intuitive change?

that does break-up them,if you usage this awesome tool,,it immediately insert it because that you and then you have actually to choose for each move whether that is special standing or physicalmoreover it enables you to select whether or not you want the icons under the relocate
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hello there. Sorry, execute you have actually a perform of every the move you changed? I used the PSS just patch however didn"t realise that additionally has the adjusted moves. Unfortunately, ns didn"t an alert that till now and I"d put a bit of work right into my hack that I"d not choose to have to redo. I have actually the perform of brand-new moves instead of old from over but things favor Tackle have been updated to 100% accuracy and particular moves have been buffed over what castle have been in game and also I"d choose to reset many of them. Say thanks to you!
I simply want come confirm, this patch walk work and also it functions well. I have actually run right into one concern however, the TM vendor in Celadon Mart is missing. Ns think this is a side impact of your change to the fourth floor vendor. Floor 2 should have 1 vendor with pokeballs and potions, etc, and another vendor with TMs. In your patch, floor 2 has actually a vendor with Potions and also a vendor with Pokeballs, and no TMs.
hello, i wanted to make two comments one, seadra using water rock isnt working, second can u update giga drain please.

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people are complaining the in my hack the PSS breakdown is not working. Every little thing is included properly, can it be the fault of a bad emulator?