Lymphatic Massage new Orlean's founder Krista Violet has been a holistic health and wellness practitioner because 1999. She has actually a BA in Health and also Wellness native Tulane university where she graduated v honors. She specialization in article surgical massage. She holds a nationwide massage license through the NCTMB. She has additionally been a state license is granted massage therapist and also esthetician in the states of Louisiana, brand-new Mexico, and also Florida. She is certified in hand-operated Lymphatic Drainage Massage whereby she learned the Vodder method. She hold certifications in Oncology Esthetics native Oncology training International. After year of functioning with article plastic surgical procedure clients she has arisen her own specific technique addressing separation, personal, instance plastic surgery procedures and the individual requirements each human has. LA#1121.

"When friend touch one thing with deep awareness,you touch everything."

- Lao Tzu





"Kristawas very knowledgeable. She make me feel much better not only physically but also mentally by help me to recognize the healing process. She has actually a very calm demeanor.She is the finest !!!"

"I hadliposuction the end of town. The physician there offeredlymphatic massagefor every his patients. Once I arrived back home to new Orleans ns didn't understand what i was going to do. I was so happy come findKrista to help me after mine surgery. Many thanks Again! "

"She aided me therefore much. I was in alot of pains after my BBL and Tummy Tuck. Ns felt dizzy once I arrived. By the time the session to be over I had actually less pain. I might stand up straightand ns feltlighter. Ns felt prefer a brand-new person."

Lymphatic Massage brand-new Orleans


Heal,Thrive, Rest, Unwind


GET IN TOUCH brand-new Orleans

Please come 10-15 mins early to allow for parking, elevator and to fill the end intake form. Over there is a salary parking garage on the Camp St next of the building and also metered parking on N. Maestri & S Maetri streets behind the building about Lafayette Square. The parking garage is $7 for an hour v $3 added for 2.

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Lymphatic Massage brand-new Orleans/ In the CBD

The Poydras Center

650 Poydras St

new Orleans, LA 70130

Call/ text (504) 729-7011

Monday-Friday 8:30-4:30


help with booking

technology support

call Schedulicity


they are easily accessible 10-6 Monday-Friday

For advice on article surgical lymphatic massage & how numerous sessions carry out I need and when to book go here:

Book Here
How plenty of sessions carry out I need

WE do NOT carry out OUTCALLS: For new clients scheduling massage, same day appointments are hardly ever available. Please book in advance. For short article Surgery Lymphatic Massage we require 2-3 weeks notification to acquire you scheduled for a series of massages. Please make her appointment before surgery. This kind of job-related requires consistent treatments varying from 15-25 times. Our booking link enables you to book 45 days out from today. So mark your calendar if you are planning because that the future as we publication up.

Cancellation Policy: for refund we need 48 hours cancellation. The quantity of the meeting is deducted 100% for appointment cancellations within 48 hours. No refunds on packages.


When driving in the direction of the river it is on the right hand side. The Whitney Hotel is attached at the front left the the high rise.

FROM I-10 WEST- leave Superdome Exit. Go down Poydras. Building on right.


Exit Superdome go down Girod St (road between Superdome and also Smoothie King Arena) once you with Camp St take left. Structure is top top left at corner of Camp and also Poydras St. Parking garage top top left next of structure right previous Lafayette Square Park. (Do no cross Poydras St.)

FROM WESTBANK- departure Camp St. Structure is last building on left hand next of Camp and Poydras. Execute not cross Poydras St.

FROM UPTOWN-easiest waygo under Prytania, as soon as Prytania ends at Clio take appropriate for half block and immediate left on Camp St. Overcome under overpass go under Camp St. Parking garage is ~ above Camp St side. Bldg is onLeft at corner of Camp and also Poydras. Donot cross Poydras.


take Claiborne take left top top Poydras St.

Building is on right. Do not journey throughthe French quarter if you room in a hurry!

Be mindful of high traffic throughout morning and evening rush hour in the CBD. Make time for 9:00am and 4-5 afternoon appointments as well as special occasions in the love of the city.

PARKING/ GARAGE: please arrive 10-15 mins beforehand to allow for parking, elevator and also to fill out intake form. Over there is a pay parking garage on the Camp St side of the building. The parking garage has actually 8 floors. Take it the elevator down to the Lobby then transfer to the elevator in the lobby and also go approximately the 10th floor.

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METERED PARKING: is situated in former of and behind the structure surrounding Lafayette Square on N.Maestri and also S. Maestri streets. The parking garage is $7 for an hour v $3 extr for 2 hours..