You must have heard that the rumors the you have the right to use safe and clean aqua water pills because that the drug test.

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You deserve to either include a couple of of this water purification tablets right into a gallon of drink water or add them directly into your urine sample.

But how valid space these methods? In this article, we’ll be offering you a clinical rationale for whether or not safe and clean aqua pills do help in passing lab tests.

What are drinkable Aqua Water Pills


Potable Aqua is a brand of water purification tablets. These pills are supplied for disinfecting drinking water in emergencies, specifically where the only obtainable water is bacteriologically substandard.

They space commonplace v campers, hikers, and also militaries, among other outdoor enthusiasm who can want come replenish your water offers from questionable sources.

These pills are accessible in virtually any outdoor it is provided store and on Amazon.

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Note the the market has different water purification tablets, only that drinkable Aqua is the many common.

These pills have actually the energetic ingredients below;

Tetraglycine HydroperiodideChlorine (Sodium Chlorite)Iodine

Water Pills for drug Test: Instructions


Method 1: Drinking treated water

What girlfriend need

2 iodine tablets2 PA chlorine tabletsAt the very least 1 liter of waterHow ToDrop 2 iodine tablets into 1 liter the waterShake thoroughly till the tablets are dissolvedLet the mixture remain for 30 minutes. In ~ this time, the water must be discolored and taste prefer iodineAdd 2 PA+ Chlorine tablets to clean the taste and also look of the waterLet it stay for an additional 20 minutes, then drinkPee once before giving the sample urineDoes that work?

I have a friend that gets high everyday multiple times and also swears by drinkable Aqua pills to pass his tests.

He states that he drinks it ~ above the days leading to the medicine test and a couple of hours prior to the test.

He reports that this stuff cleans that in just 3 days, and it constantly works for him 100%.

Another common means to go around this requires crushing 5 safe and clean Aqua tablet computers in a party of water and also shaking thoroughly prior to drinking.

This have to again be complied with by numerous liters of water.

According to most people’s belief, in the same way, that the active ingredients in the potable Aqua pill clean dirty water, castle also break down the THC metabolites in her bladder, thereby ‘cleaning her piss.’

This isn’t true. Happen a UA v this an approach does not median that the Aqua pills broke down the metabolites in your urine.

The fact behind the method

This technique involves spend a many water and also pissing several times.

That is simply the dilution method. This method that happen the test does not necessarily mean that there to be no metabolites in the urine.

Instead, the water had liquified them to below the cutoff level.

The metabolites that end up in the urine come from miscellaneous body tissues.

They get in the bloodstream for transport to the kidneys, filtered into the bladder for removal via urine.

Although over there isn’t lot research on this topic, there isn’t any convincing scientific proof that the tabs will perform anything to malfunction the metabolites and also keep the urine in ~ the proper ranges.

Method 2: Dropping the tablets directly into the to pee sample

How ToAdd 2 drinkable Aqua pills into the sample cup.Pee in itAllow a couple of minutes for the pills to dissolve completely.Hand the sample come the lab technology for testingDoes it work?

The case with this method is the it will help in producing a false negative result.

A study tape-recorded in the national Institutes of wellness showed the chlorine (a major active ingredient in most water treatment pills) breaks under THC-COOH metabolites in waste and also surface waters.

In yet one more study, iodine (a strong oxidizing agent) was discovered to mask medicine metabolites and also metabolites simultaneously. This makes it a go-to adulterant for most stoners.

Unfortunately, that is not as reliable as that seems. First, most collection sites and laboratories today have actually rapid point out tests the detect adulterated urine.

The other difficulty with this method is that the pill bring away a pair of minutes to dissolve completely in the urine come mask the metabolites.

This will definitely be an issue, specifically if you are collecting the sample on-site.

Some civilization resort to swirling the pee or crashing the pill through their finger to rate up the process.

The capture here is that the temperature that the sample will be affected.

Secondly, dissolving the pill straight into the urine may change the color of the urine.

Either of these 2 might raise the rap tech’s eyebrows. This brings the risk of false-positive results, and you can quickly fail due to urine sample adulteration.


So, carry out Potable Aqua pills assist in passing a drug test? No.

In the first method, over there isn’t any kind of clear proof that the pills add to pass the urinary test.

The opportunities are the you’ll simply be diluting the concentration the the metabolites in the urine.

Mind you, taking too much chlorine might be harmful to your health. The us EPA says it together a pesticide.

Speaking to, Dr. Robert Carlson, a reputable researcher at the college of Minnesota, says that when chlorine is added to water, it has actually carcinogenic byproducts that could cause cell damage.

The second technique seems a little bit effective due to the fact that it is apparent that iodine masks drug metabolites in the pee sample.

Unfortunately, that is not reputable as well, considering that most labs currently have equipment that can conveniently detect the in the urine.

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Adding and also dissolving the in the pee sample likewise proves to it is in tricky if you are to collect the sample on-site.

If you space wondering exactly how to happen a urine medicine test, our recommendation is to use THC detox kit that to be proven to work: