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"The existing volume provides eloquent testimony that many of the master home builders of this century have actually held passionate convictions regarding the philosophic and also social communication of your art. Virtually every important advance in the contemporary architectural movement began with the proclamation of these convictions in the kind of a routine or manifesto. The most influential of these are collected here in chronological order from 1903 to 1963. Bring away together, they constitute a subjective background of modern architecture; contrasted with one another, their an excellent diversity of format reveals in many situations the basic differences of attitude and also temperament that developed a corresponding divergence in architecture style. In point of view, the book covers the aesthetic spectrum from best to left; from programs that rigidly create designs under to the smallest information to revolutionary manifestoes that call for anarchy in building form and town plan. The documents, put in context by the editor, are also international in their range: among them are the seminal and prophetic explanation of Henry van de Velde, Adolf Loos, and also Bruno taut from the early years the the century; frank Lloyd Wright"s 1910 annunciation of essential Architecture; Gropius"s original program for the Bauhaus, started in Weimar in 1919; "Towards a new Architecture, Guiding Principles" by Le Corbusier; the formulation by Naum Gabo and also Antoine Pevsner the the simple principles the Constructivism; and also articles by R. Buckminster Fuller on global architecture and also the architect as human being planner. Various other pronouncements, part in flamboyant style, consisting of those the Erich Mendelsohn, Hannes Meyer, Theo valve Doesburg, Oskar Schlemmer, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, El Lissitzky, and also Louis I. Kahn. There are likewise a variety of collective or group statements, approve in the name of motions such as CIAM, De Stijl, ABC, the Situationists, and GEAM. Due to the fact that the dramatic performance of the manifesto type is usually heightened by brevity and also conciseness, it has actually been possible to reproduce most of the papers in their entirety; only a few have to be excerpted."--Back cover.

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