There are numerous users that are having actually trouble using controllers once playing Rocket organization on pc using Steam. The concern is report on several different configurations and also with several various Windows versions including Windows 7, windows 8.1 and also Windows 10. In most cases, the problem is reported to take place in instances where the user tries come play the video game via Steam.

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Controller not working in Rocket League

What causes Rocket organization not to identify Controllers?

We investigated this details issue by examining various user reports and also the repair techniques that are frequently being supplied to solve the problem when this script is applicable. Together it turns out, there space several different potential culprits that might end increase triggering this issue:

Steam input Per-Game setup is enabled – There space a the majority of reports where this specific Steam huge Picture setting ended up developing the controller issues while it was turned On. If this script is applicable, you have the right to resolve the concern by ensuring that steam Input Per-Game setup is Forced Off.The controller Settings food selection is wrongly configured – Another possible cause for this difficulty is instances wherein the Controller Settings food selection is no configured properly. In this case, you should be able to resolve the issue by adjusting the setups according come the kind of controller that you’re using.Controller chauffeurs aren’t set up properly – In part cases, this difficulty will occur since the controller drivers are incomplete or have become corrupted as a result of a different action. If this scenario is applicable, a device Manager examination should expose if the controller is correctly set up or not.Corrupted steam controller firmware – details generic controllers have actually the potential of glitching indigenous time come time when offered with Steam. Whenever this happens, you should be able to resolve the problem by acquisition the steps suitable to recuperate the steam controller firmware.The generic controller is not set up correctly – Low-entry share controllers space not always totally supported through Steam. This way that if you desire to acquire them to occupational properly, you have to to go v some extra configuring actions to ensure the it gets detected successfully. The easiest way to perform this is to usage a third party utility capable of translating XInput calls come DirectInput calls.Rocket organization is not using heavy steam Input – If you’re encountering this issue with one Xbox One controller, it’s possible that the concern is developing because the video game is no configured to use vapor Input. In this case, you can resolve the problem by editing some in-game control alternatives so that Rocket league uses vapor Input.

If you’re right now struggling to resolve this problem, this article will provide you with numerous troubleshooting steps that can end up addressing your issue. Under below, you’ll find several various methods that are shown to be efficient in solving this particular issue.

Keep in mind that each an approach that will be featured listed below is evidenced to be efficient by at the very least one impacted user. If you desire to remain as reliable as possible, we recommend you to monitor the techniques in the order that they room presented since the potential fixes space ordered by efficiency and severity.

Method 1: Adjusting big Picture setups (if applicable)

If you’re do the efforts to operation rocket organization via Stream, one possible reason why you’re unable to usage a controller might be that the huge Picture setting ends up forcing the controller off. This need to not occur by default, but if friend tweaked some vapor settings, chances are you likewise configured the customer to disable the controller usability while in big Picture mode.

Several influenced users the we’re additionally encountering the same problem have reported the they managed to resolve the issue by accessing Rocket League’s steam settings and also ensuring that vapor Input Per-Game setups is compelled Off and also unchecking various other irrelevant functionalities together as overview Button and Xbox Configuration support (if you’re not making use of an Xbox controller.

Here’s a quick guide on make this alteration in Steam:

Right-click on Steam’s tray-bar icon and choose Big Picture native the paper definition menu.Once the Steam client is finished starting the big Picture mode, click Library native the perform of food selection items at the top.Then, click on Rocket organization from the perform of games and click on Manage Game (Under the video game icon).Next, click on Controller Options (under Steam Input).
Accessing the Controller choices in SteamOnce you gain to the Controller application Options, click on the drop-down menu connected with Steam input Per-Game Setting and collection it to Forced Off prior to clicking Ok.
Disabling vapor Input Per-Game SettingsOnce the change is made, return to the key page of large Picture in heavy steam and click on the Settings symbol (gear icon) and then click on Controller Settings.Inside the Controller setups menu, make certain that friend uncheck all irrelevant boxes. If you’re using an Xbox controller, uncheck whatever except Xbox configuration Support and Guide switch Focuses Steam.
Making the crucial controller settings changes

Note: If you’re utilizing a PS4 Dualshock controller, inspect PlayStation configuration Support and uncheck Xbox construction Support. Or uncheck both options if you’re using a share controller.Once all modifications have to be done, restart your heavy steam client, beginning Rocket League and also see if the controller functionality has actually been restored.If this method didn’t permit you to settle the problem and also you’re still unable to usage your controller while play Rocket League, move down come the next an approach below.

Method 2: Ensure the your controller is recognized

If you’re having actually trouble using a PS4 DualShock controller ~ above a computer with RocketLeague. In the vast bulk of this cases, the worry is resulted in by a driver difficulty related to her PS4 controller. Several impacted users have actually reported that they regulated to deal with the trouble after ensuring that the correct vehicle drivers are installed. In part cases, users likewise tried to gain back the firmware setups for the controller.

Here’s a fast guide on just how to do this:

Press Windows key + R to open up a Run dialog box. Then, within the message box, type “devmgmt.msc” and press Enter to open up up Device Manager. If you’re prompted by the UAC (User Account Control), click Yes come grant administrative privileges.Typing “devmgmt.msc” in the operation prompt.Inside Device Manager, scroll down v the perform of devices and also expand the drop-down menu connected with Sound, video and video game controllers.Inside the Sound, video and video game controller menu, check to check out if your PS4 controller is current inside.If the PS4 controller doesn’t show up inside this menu, then it’s clear the you have actually a driver problem. In this case, unplug the controller USB and also plugin in a various port. Windows should automatically take treatment of the installation.Then, clock to check out if the driver installation completes successfully and also the device appears within the Sound, video clip and game controller menu.If the driver is mounted successfully, near Device Manager, restart her computer and also see if the problem is resolved once the following startup succession is complete.
Checking if the driver is installed

If the same trouble is still occurring, move down come the next method below.

Method 3: Recovering the steam controller firmware

Some impacted users have reported that the problem was addressed after lock performed the steps suitable of recovering the firmware of your controller. In many cases, this procedure has been confirmed to work in instances where the concern was arising with a DualShock4 controller.

Users the have complied with these instructions have actually reported the their controller functionality has actually returned after ~ they completed the firmware recovery procedure and restarted your machine. Here’s a fast guide on what you have to do:

Open her Steam client and use the ribbon bar at the height to click on steam and climate on Settings.Once you gain inside the Settings menu, choose the Controller option from the vertical menu on the left and also then click on General Controller Settings indigenous the right-hand pane.From the newly showed up window, click on Recover heavy steam Controller Firmware (at the bottom of the screen).At the check prompt, click OK to begin the firmware recovery process.Follow the accuse on the following screen, then click the Start switch once again.When the procedure is complete, restart your computer and see if the concern is resolved once the next startup is complete.
Recovering the steam Controller Firmware

If the same difficulty is occurring and you room still can not to use your controller when playing Rocket League, relocate down to the next technique below.

Method 4: setting up generic Controllers (if applicable)

If you’re encountering this problem with a generic, cheaper controller, chances are girlfriend will need to go v some extra steps in order come configure the to work with Rocket League. Renowned controllers like Xbox One / Xbox 360 or Dualshock4 are instantly detected and configured as shortly as friend plug lock in. But if you have actually a low-entry controller, you’ll need to do some hand-operated setup.

Several users that have actually been also encountering this trouble have reported the they controlled to resolve it by utilizing a 3-rd party that permitted them to do their generic controller visible and adjust the bindings to their wanted ones.

Here’s what you need to do:

Once the utility has been downloaded, copy it and also navigate come the adhering to location:

C:Program FilesSteamSteamAppscommon ocketleagueinarieswin32Note: save in mind that this is the default location of the Rocket league game folder. If you mounted the game in a practice location, navigate over there instead.Paste the record (x360ce.exe) anywhere within the Win32 folder, climate double-click ~ above the executable to launch it.When the applications is opened, wait because that it to detect her controller. As soon as it does, click Next and follow the rest of the on-screen indict to complete the process. In ~ the finish of the early setup process, you will certainly be prompted to click Finish (do so when you watch it).

Detecting the share controllerYou will certainly then be given the chance to test the end your controller and also configure your buttons together you see fit. Do so and also click Save. together you have the right to probably tell, her controller is currently working.Close the controller utility and also launch Rocket League typically through Steam. You must no much longer encounter concerns with your generic controller.If the same worry is tho occurring, relocate down come the next technique below to try a various repair strategy.

Method 5: Forcing Rocket league to use steam Input (if applicable)

If you’re to run Rocket organization through vapor with an Xbox One controller and also you’re encountering this issue, possibilities are the game is not configured come use heavy steam Input – which can end up creating this issue.

Several impacted users have actually reported the they regulated to resolve the concern by tweaking some in-game settings so that Rocket league is forced to usage input from Steam. After ~ doing so and also restarting the game, some users have reported the the concern was resolved and also they were able to usage their Xbox One controllers without issues.

Here’s what you have to do:

Launch Rocket league through Steam.Once the game is loaded, go to Options > Controls and click on Use vapor Input.Then, select your Xbox One Controller indigenous the perform and set it to AUTO if it’s collection to Off.
Using steam Input through Rocket LeagueRestart Rocket League and see if the issue has been resolved.

If the same worry is quiet occurring, relocate down come the next an approach below.

Method 6: Unplugging USB headphones (if applicable)

If you’re using headphones the are connected through USB, chances are Rocket organization ends up seeing them as a controller. This is a relatively common occurrence with HyperX headphones and also a couple of other manufacturers. Due to the fact that Rocket Leagues believes your controller is currently connected, it will not carry out the important permissions to your genuine controller.

A couple of customers that have actually been going through this exact problem have reported the they regulated to solve the problem by unplugging your USB headphones and also plugging the controller before launching the game. Act this supposedly gained their controller detected and also they were able to connect the USB headphones into a different USB port.

But keep in mind the if this procedure is successful, you’ll have to do this every time you arrangement on making use of both the controller and your USB headphones.

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Note: Make certain that Bluetooth isn’t activated on any other nearby an equipment which might confuse the controller as to which an equipment it connects.