Song Details: 4 minutes 1 Brick half a Brick whole Brick. The name of the tune is Half A Brick i beg your pardon is sung through OJ Da Juiceman feat. Gucci Mane

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AY AY OKJuice JuiceHalf a brick fifty percent a brickZaytoven Zay-teezyAY AY AY ok OK yes sir AY AY AYSo Icy EntertainmentN—a this trap sh^t rap sh^t don’t protect against my n—a!

Quarter brickHalf a brickWhole brick (AYYY)

Quarter poundHalf a poundWhole lb (OKAYY)

Hundred pillzThousand pillzServin major weightJuice mane and also gucci maneMake the trap (AYYY)

The twerk inBirds inSo we workin (WORK)Pack inThe van stopThe trailor earlier in (WORK)We huge flip jug we towed it off the fork liftThe way my plug kick itYou would have actually think he had black beltMy scale so bigBig boy have the right to wiegh his cursed self2000 pounds of midI marketed that shit my cursed selfWasher complete of cashDryer complete of x pillsRed rag in mine pocketSame color my vet isMy number reduced than an SA native TexasA 4 minutes 1 mil in the met is an investmentA sniper rifle favor a solider in the desertA eagle military boy I’m known to tow the desertI saved a oz upBefore I offered a recordHe wanna brickI told em accomplish me by the chapterI sacked a lb upBefore I sold a recordHe wanna betI said him meet me through the chapter

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I’m boomin (AYYY)I’m buckin (AYYY)I’m servin all da babies (OKAYYY)Rap video game easyBut the dope game gravyYoung juice manMy life is choose the jakinWith stupid fruityCrazy sweatJumpin in yo ladyBannana gum chevyInterior like the lakersLebron james wristWhen i’m f^ckin with documents cake upHit da trapStay downWatch the paper wake upBoomin the end the houseAnd js askin because that a wake up upHalf a brick totality brickGot me buyin jacobWearin shoesWalkin in the head that N O gatorHalf a brick entirety brickGot me buyin jacobWearin pair of shoes walkin in the head the N O gator

Young juice manGot damit ns da shit (AYYY)Boomin turn off da chainWorkin with 50 bricks (OKAYYY)Thousand lb bellTryna do a mega tight (DAMNN)Posted on the crash with dat 45 on my hip (AYYY)34-34 tucked behind my hip (OKAYY)7 60 dogWith that extra lip (AYYY)Follow tool dunk dogWith da extra kid (SKURR)I gained that stupid bandCause I got that stupid whip (AY)

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