Over 100,000 sold!This companion training manual to Real-Life Discipleship provides distinctive guidance and also insight come pastors, church leaders, and their disciples as they work-related to develop an efficient discipleship program. V a thorough, results-oriented procedure that have the right to be used in other contexts and also cultures, this manual explains the necessary materials of disciple-making so that every church member can play a component in reaching others because that Christ. A great leader’s resource, it shows you exactly how to cultivate brand-new leaders for the future and equip them to do disciples.

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Feb 27, 2014

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Jim Putman

Jim Putman is the founder and senior pastor of actual Life ministries in write-up Falls, Idaho. Actual Life was released with a commitment to discipleship and also the design of discipleship Jesus practiced, i beg your pardon is called, “Relational Discipleship.” Outreach newspaper continually lists genuine Life Ministries amongst the peak one hundred most significant churches in America. Jim is also the starting leader of the Relational Discipleship Network. Jim holds degrees from Boise State University and also Boise scriptures College. He is the writer of three books: Church is a Team Sport, actual Life Discipleship, and also Real Life Discipleship Workbook (with Avery Willis and also others). Jim’s enthusiasm is discipleship through tiny groups. He resides with his wife and three young in scenic northern Idaho.

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Real-Life Discipleship Training hands-on - Jim Putman


How to use This publication

As i boarded the plane back to Oregon, ns couldn’t help but think, If this church ends up looking prefer every other struggling church I’ve ever before been in, what will we have accomplished? On Sunday evenings, I had actually been paris to north Idaho to fulfill with a little group of human being who wanted to tree a new church and also me to end up being their pastor. If ns agreed, how can I ensure we did not end up prefer so numerous other churches: struggling come survive, hoping for a much better way, yet not reaching the potential the God’s design for His church?

I accepted the market to come to be their pastor, and the training hand-operated you have actually in her hands defines how I and also the rest of the leadership team at real Life ministries answered those questions. Over there isn’t lot theory here. Instead, the is the day-by-day, boots-on-the-ground game arrangement that we use every day at our church. Because that the next twelve weeks, I together with Avery Willis, Brandon Guindon, and also Bill Krause will certainly coach you v a clear and uncomplicated way to make disciples.

Avery is the executive, management director that the global Orality Network, and also he speaks around the world to both oral and also literate audiences. Brandon is the executive pastor at actual Life Ministries. He, along with his team, pioneered the small-groups set at genuine Life. Invoice serves as the family members ministry team leader at genuine Life Ministries. With each other we have actually boiled under the lessons our church learned through trial and error and put them right into this workbook format.

You will need twenty to thirty minutes 5 days every week to perform the assignments. The is necessary for you to complete each finding out exercise prior to reading further. Each day will incorporate interactive activities, i to look at up, and also a testimonial section that will certainly summarize what friend should have actually learned. It is possible for girlfriend to work-related though this book on your own, yet we recommend that you work through it through a group of three to ten people. If you are leading the group, we have actually a leader’s overview at the back of this training manual that will help you facilitate the group.

By the finish of the first week, girlfriend should have the ability to explain why do disciples is a priority for both you and also your church. By the finish of the twelfth week, you should be far better equipped to do disciples. Our target is that you will come to be a an ext intentional disciple-maker and have a strong grasp of the process Jesus modeled because that us.

Jim Putman

Spring 2010

Week 1

A love to make Disciples

The church in America is in decline. At the love of this problem, great Christian civilization are lost as to what to do. These following twelve mainly are committed to what we think will it is in a life-changing journey to restoring God’s top priorities to our lives. The church was developed to win.

Day 1

What go Winning look at Like?

When Jim Putman met through the human being who wanted to tree a church in Idaho, it led to him come think around what a successful church would look like. Consequently, as soon as he i agree to aid start a new church, that asked the group he met with two questions: (1) If Christianity to be a team sport and the church were Christ’s team, what would winning be? (2) What is the church claimed to be and also do come win?

Several world answered the the church wins together we worship together or as soon as it grows in attendance and also people become believers. A few said that us win when we room a family who cares for one another. Jim went on to ask what a church would need to do to accomplish all these goals. Some felt it would certainly need motivating weekend services with dynamic preaching and great music. Others assumed the church must train people in pastoral treatment in order to satisfy the requirements of hurting people.

1. Prior to you move ahead, write down your answers come these exact same questions.

In relationship to Christianity and also the church, what is winning?

What is the church supposed to be and do come win?

The varying answers civilization gave caused Jim to rotate to the holy bible for a solution. The church required a clear game plan or it would be separated from the start. Jesus’ last command in Matthew 28:18-20 renders the church’s mission clear: The church is called to with the people for Jesus one human at a time. In other words, every Christian is commanded to take part in the mission to do disciples. This mission came to be Real Life Ministries’ purpose.

That was ten year ago. Since then our church has grown to much more than eight thousand people, and discipleship is happening in every ministry. Oh, we have made countless mistakes and we still have a lot come learn, but God is leading and also blessing our obedience to His command to make disciples.

2. Check out Matthew 28:18-20 in the margin and circle the native in which Jesus is informing us to perform something.

Did girlfriend circle the native go, make disciples, baptizing, and teaching?

In the Bible’s original language, make hands-on worker is the an essential phrase in these verses due to the fact that the words going, baptizing, and teaching support the command to do disciples.

Jesus came to them and said, all authority in heaven and also on planet has been given to me. Thus go and also make practical worker of all nations, baptizing castle in the name of the Father and of the Son and also of the holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey every little thing I have actually commanded you. And also surely ns am with you always, to the really end that the age.

(Matthew 28:18-20)

3. In this verses, Jesus commanded united state to get in the world and ____________________ of every nation.

4. The 3 other action words present us what is entailed in obeying the command. To do disciples, we should be ______________, ________________, and _________________.

Go back and review just how you answer the two questions at the beginning of this lesson. Compare what girlfriend wrote through the command above.

5. Inspect the box listed below that fits best at this point:

check crate Yes! i knew it. I am off to a an excellent start because I knew the the church is an alleged to make disciples.

check box No, i missed it. No one has actually ever described the church’s function to me prefer this before.

check crate Well, I had actually it right, yet I stated it in a various way.

check box ns disagree! I had a different answer, and also I still think i am right.

Your answers transparent this training hands-on will shape the discussions in your tiny group every week. Be certain not come skip over any of them. This procedure is draft to aid you understand and also remember the lesson.

6. In your very own words, compose what part the church dram in make disciples.

7. What is your an individual role in help the church do disciples?

8. Spend some time meditating ~ above Matthew 28:18-20. Start memorizing it phrase by phrase. You will certainly be request to write it from memory later. Utilizing these verses, describe to someone now why the church should emphasis on make disciples. Compose the name(s) the the person(s) you told or setup to tell. ___________________________________


God design the church to with the human being for Christ by do disciples.

Making disciples was Jesus’ original command.

Day 2

How carry out We follow Jesus’ Command?

Yesterday us looked in ~ Jesus’ command to do disciples. This particular day we will take a closer look in ~ the prestige of make disciples in our homes, workplaces, and also churches.

Jesus perfect His job-related

During the critical Supper, before Jesus to be arrested and also taken come the cross, that prayed through His disciples. In His prayer, Jesus says, "I have lugged you glory on planet by completing the work-related you gave me to do" (John 17:4, focus added). How might He say the He had completed the work-related God had given Him come do when He had actually not yet passed away on the cross and also risen indigenous the dead?

1. Review John 17:4-9 in the margin and also underline the work Jesus had completed as soon as He prayed this prayer.

The answer? In His prayer, Jesus claimed that He had completed the job-related of making disciples. The disciples were all set to go and also make hands-on worker themselves; all they essential was the holy Spirit. If Jesus had died on the cross for our sins however had not made disciples who might deliver the message, no one of united state would have heard the great news. Jesus completed the message: He passed away for us and rose indigenous the grave. He also created a way for people even this day to hear the message: by release His disciples to go and make disciples, who consequently were released to go and also make disciples, and also so on.

I have carried you glory on earth by perfect the work-related you provided me come do. And also now, Father, glorify me in your presence with the glory I had with you before the world began. I have actually revealed you to those who you gave me the end of the world. They were yours; you provided them to me and also they have obeyed her word. Currently they understand that every little thing you have given me comes from you. For I gave them the indigenous you gave me and also they accepted them. Lock knew v certainty that I come from you, and also they believed that you sent me. Ns pray because that them. I am no praying because that the world, however for those girlfriend have provided me, for they are yours.

(John 17:4-9)

2. Countless people believe that Jesus came just to die and be resurrected native the dead. Why do you think they often leave out the work Jesus did of making disciples?

Look again in Matthew 28:18-20. A couple of weeks after ~ His resurrection, Jesus commanded twelve males to do the same occupational His father had offered Him come do. The disciples didn’t look at Jesus and say, "How perform we carry out that?" Jesus had currently shown lock how; the had provided them a living model to follow. Jesus made disciples that made various other disciples.

3. What main work did Jesus to speak He had actually completed when He prayed to the dad in man 17? one the answer.

Healed human being who to be sick

Taught fact to the crowds

Made twelve men right into mature disciples

Reformed Jewish worship

Rose indigenous the dead

The exactly answer is the 3rd one.

4. How have the right to you recognize when your work with someone you are discipling is complete?

The Message needs a Messenger

Your work-related is complete when the person you room discipling have the right to make a disciple. Some can question the require for hands-on worker who deserve to disciple others. After all, we have the Bible and the divine Spirit. No they enough to do disciples? We have to remember that Jesus knew we would have both these things, yet He still told His disciples to go and to teach rather to obey. Jesus knew the mature practical worker were required to supply the message. Disciples space made once the spirit of God, the word of God, and also the people of God work-related together.

5. Read Romans 10:14 in the margin and then rate the prominence of a messenger. Circle your choice:

The church was not designed to it is in a team of spectators who attend weekly lectures; it was designed to it is in a trained army with a an effective message. All believers are the messengers who bring the message to others and then proceed the procedure of discipling those who believe. By doing this, we complete the same occupational Jesus prayed around in man 17. He offered that work-related to His disciples, that in turn offered it to us.

How, then, have the right to they call on the one they have not believed in? and how deserve to they believe in the among whom they have not heard? and also how deserve to they hear there is no someone preaching come them?

(Romans 10:14)

How room We Doing?

Statistics tell us that a common believer will certainly die without leading a solitary person come a life-saving partnership with Jesus Christ.

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<1> prior to you say, No way! or the figures! ask yourself, Who to be the last person I led come Christ?

According to Matthew 28:18-20, also if we have led who to Christ, we need to ask an additional question. Have actually we discipled that human to the suggest that that or she is may be to lead someone else to Christ and also then disciple that brand-new believer? We complete our occupational when our disciple deserve to do his or her component to win and train new disciples who space then able to do the same with others. In this way, the procedure of make disciples continues until Jesus returns. His command come the church continues to be the same generation after ~ generation.

6. Walk you monitor that? How can our work-related of do disciples be completed while the procedure of make disciples proceeds until Jesus returns? write your answer using your very own words.

As you think about your function in making disciples, invest time praying through Jesus’ prayer in john 17.

7. Intend someone difficulties the id that our an initial priority is to do disciples. Write just how you would describe Jesus’ instance in man 17.


In man 17, Jesus prayed come the Father that He had completed the job-related He had actually been given.

The work that Jesus had completed was training the twelve to be disciple-makers.

God intended for the message of the gospel come come indigenous a messenger who have the right to disciple others.

<1> George Barna, Revolution (Carol Stream, IL: Tyndale, 2006), 32.

Day 3

Make Disciples together You walk

This is critical day. We room going to acquire even much more practical about our role in what the church is claimed to do.

Evil will Not Prevail

As a wrestler and also a rings coach, Jim Putman knew the check of any type of athlete’s ability was ~ above the mat. Athletes may make interlocutor claims, but the wrestling mat is whereby they earlier them up. Jesus make bold claims about his church.

1. Check out Matthew 16:15-18 in the margin and underline the bold explain Jesus made around the church.

Jesus said that the entrances of hell (or the pressures of evil) would not prevail against (overcome or stop) His church from perfect its mission. Yet it appears the church is being conquer all the time — there space divisions and also splits, fights and also feuds. Why aren’t we seeing Jesus’ words donate up top top the mat? The church in America is no winning numerous converts, and it struggles to store the ones it currently has. So numerous indicators seem come say the the church is no enhance for the pressures of evil. Should that it is in the case? No. Jesus meant what that said. For this reason why aren’t American Christians prove themselves on the mat?

He claimed to them, yet who perform you say that ns am? Simon Peter replied, You space the Christ, the child of the living God. And Jesus reply him, Blessed room you, Simon Bar-Jonah! because that flesh and also blood has not revealed this to you, but my Father who is in heaven. And also I tell you, you space Peter, and on this rock ns will build my church, and also the entrances of hell shall no prevail versus it.

(Matthew 16:15-18,



2. Take a minute and also list the peak three reasons you think the church is not winning countless converts.




In his publication The Unchurched next Door, Thom Rainer cites a study that mirrors that most unchurched civilization do not sense that believer actively try to share your faith and also that numerous wonder what provides Christians hesitant.<2> In various other words, countless unchurched people would be open up to talking around Christ, however Christians perform not speak to them about their faith.

3. Why do you think a bulk of unchurched civilization feel the Christians space reluctant come share their faith and, therefore, not advancing the kingdom?

4. Compare that through the roadblocks you provided previously. To be you turn off base?

5. What perform you think it will certainly take to rotate the situation approximately so that evil is not prevailing versus the church?

A real Life ns Story

Kelly owned the many popular nation Western bar in our town. He was a famous performer in bars everywhere our area. He seemed very successful law life without Jesus, yet he knew something was missing. That was just a matter of time before he close up door his bar. Through a variety of circumstances and relationships, Kelly accepted Christ, and also some males in our church started to deliberately disciple him. Kelly began to re-superstructure his life and heart v others together well. The now has a set in our church to help people do their finances oh my god way. He is quiet asked to perform anywhere the area, and also at every power he share the gospel.

Kelly’s story is a consistent reminder to us that the church tho works. That is able to take region from the Enemy. Hell is no complement for the power of Christ and also His church.

As You space Going …

The literal translation of the command in Matthew 28:19-20 is this: "As you space going, make disciples!" (emphasis added). Jesus is directing us to do disciples as we go around doing life. Matthew 16:15-18 reminds united state that the enemy has caught people and holds them native Christ. Disciple-makers room walking into a dark world that is in need of light.

6. What around you? as you review this, perform you think around the non-Christians girlfriend know? usage the adhering to categories to help you think of name of people who need Christ.

Someone under your very own roof

Someone at occupational or college

Someone friend know because your children play top top the very same team or have actually the very same teacher

Someone in your community or neighborhood

A girlfriend or household member

Pray for these people this week. God is leading these people throughout your path. Human being we accomplish every day require Jesus, and the adversary cannot avoid us from sharing the gospel post with them. However disciple-making begins with our going to those who need to hear the message.

Here’s an instance of what we are talking about. Sooner or later on a whim, Jim Putman stopped by a regional movie theater throughout off-hours to ask if the owners would rent space to ours church. Us were growing, and also we needed more room. Together he gone into the waiting area, he witnessed an employee sitting there crying. Jim request what to be wrong, and her story spilled out. She and her husband had actually separated. As they talked around her struggles, Jim had the ability to share the message of salvation with her, and also that morning she started her journey through Jesus. God put this mrs in Jim’s path as he to be going with his day. If Jim had actually ignored she problems and just asked about renting the theater, she would not have met Jesus the day. In the very same way, once we see a human being in need, it is an invite from God to step in with love and service — and also eventually v words — to point people come Christ.

7. Together you go through your day, what is it the keeps you from make disciples?


Jesus claimed that the pressures of evil would not get over His church.

As us go follow me in life, we will meet world who need Jesus.

<2> Thom S. Rainer, The Unchurched following Door: Understanding belief Stages as tricks to sharing Your belief (Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2003), 3.

Day 4

The Church Is oh my gosh Team

Let’s testimonial …

1. In Matthew 28:18-20, Jesus commanded united state to ______________ ____________.

2. In man 17, Jesus prayed to the Father about completing the job-related He had been given: do disciples. This work was important since the post of the gospel demands a ______________.

3. Yesterday, we embraced Jesus’ insurance claim that the forces of ____________ will certainly not _____________ versus the _____________. The church is supposed to it is in a win team that moves forward and crushes our Opponent’s strongholds.

Make note in the margins regarding what you would choose to talk about in your small group about how the church should prevail. Invite God this particular day to be component of your study.

Christianity Is a Team sport

The church is oh my god team. Today some believer think they can make disciples best without the church. Castle feel that the church (the this firm body) doesn’t host up that end. Because of this, lock are periodically tempted to quit the church and also go the Christian life alone. However Christianity is a team sport. No matter just how gifted or talented an separation, personal, instance is, he or she demands the church to have the ability to successfully make disciples and be a disciple. Due to the fact that a walk it alone viewpoint is unbiblical. The church is part of God’s architecture for disciple-making.

4. Check out again Matthew 16:18: i tell you, you room Peter, and also on this rock i will construct my church, and the gates of hell shall no prevail against it (


). Jesus clearly tells united state who is going come crush the gateways of hell (the forces of evil). Inspect the one the is going to victory the battle.

check box Peter himself

check crate The twelve disciples

check crate The church

Sure, some parts of our belief can be accomplished on the individual level, but much the