A Charming Inn & occasion Venue in Cohasset, MA

The historic Red Lion Inn and also Barn ~ above South key Street has been a house to travelers and a ar of leisure for locals because 1704. Today, the unique property continues to offer as the heart and also soul the Cohasset Village. A ar for the take trip enthusiast, the romantic in ~ heart, and also for family and also friends to gather, us invite you to explore and enjoy a classic new England minute true to you.

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Weekday Summer escape Special

Book 2 nights and also get your 3rd night free! experience summer on the south Shore v a relaxing remain at our seaside inn.

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Marrying coastal village beauty through the charm the a luxury brand-new England wedding, The Red Lion Inn bring a flair of history and contemporary vintage to each couple"s distinct style. Indigenous a grand barn come intimate dining rooms, our an option of spaces will pleasure you, each showcasing originality and wealth of warmth while turning inspired moments right into magical memories.

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Private Events

Plan and also customize your exclusive celebration or corporate meeting in among the plenty of indoor or outdoor spaces throughout this historic property. Our experienced occasions team will provide unprecedented business and aid you create an unforgettable occasion.

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– 2021 CORPORATE occasion SPECIAL – 


Site fees will be waved for every weekday that company events and meetings in 2021.

The Perfect room For You

We invite you to arrangement with us and indulge in the charm of a classic new England seaside village, giving spaces for deluxe wedding ceremonies and receptions, fundraisers, that company meetings, multi-day conferences, cocktail parties, private dining celebrations, baby and also bridal showers, team-building retreats, movie festivals, intimate music performances, and also so much more.

The vast beauty that The Barn have the right to be customized and also defined to fit any kind of size event. V multiple bars, gorgeous chandeliers, and also neutral hardwood tones, this incredible space is the perfect backdrop for a grand soirée or intimate celebration.

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When you open up the doors that The Hillside House, you will instantly feel the spirit of this modern rustic venue overlooking Cohasset Village. Recently revived to retain its charm, this space brings a one-of-a-kind setup for your intimate wedding, this firm gathering, or society celebration.

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Inside the onsite tavern, there space a number of private dining rooms and an out patio obtainable for small dinners, cocktail receptions, or various other events. Each space features a hardwood burning fireplace and also distinctive accents that develop a cozy yet sophisticated atmosphere for any corporate or society celebration.

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This dimly lit speakeasy and dance lounge is situated underneath The Red Lion Inn and features a large bar, one-of-a-kind alcohol cellar, and also entertainment stage. That is regularly a place of recreation to locals and also hotel guests, and is likewise perfect because that an intimate personal dinner or after ~ party.

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Explore The cavern
The Red Lion Inn, Red Lion Tavern, Atlantica, and also Cohasset Habor Inn are component of Cohasset Hospitality Partners.