Reference librarians are most often trained to aid people discover books, organize them, and services bordering libraries. However, in a that company environment, they often tend to research topics after ~ patrons" guidelines. Therefore this is our correct option. Because they don"t sign out DVD and even despite they are prepared to assist someone use for a library card. The is not their key function. It is a tertiary function. Study in a private corporation is a secondary role because that is primary in a corporative environment.

answered: MajentaSnow66

The price is b- study a topic

answered: weeblordd

The correct answer is:

A. Research a subject


The reference desk or knowledge desk of a library is a public organization counter where professional librarians provide library users with direction come library matters, advice top top library gatherings and services, and also expertise on complex kinds of expertise from various sources

answered: jojo10092003
It is the price C.

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answered: lily539711
Reference librarians room specially trained to assist patrons execute research tasks and duties, such as finding specific items and also pointing them in an excellent research directions. 

answered: kalcius9698
Reference librarians space specially trained to aid patrons study a topic.
answered: nadiavarela0716
Reference librarians space specially trained to aid patrons research a topic.
answered: Guest

when reagan ad to freedom in this passage, he uses repetition together a rhetorical device. Repeat is once the exact same words or phrases are repeated few times to do an idea more powerful and much more unforgettable. In this case, once he talks around freedom, the starts the sentence whit this word adhered to by a verb in present basic and after an benefit of gift free.


answered: Guest

in other words

to placed it in different ways

for one point

as one illustration

in this instance

for this factor

to placed it another way

that is come say

with attention to

by all way

important to realize

another vital point

first thing to psychic

most compelling evidence

must be remembered

point regularly overlooked

to point out

on the hopeful side

on the an adverse side

with this in mental




to be sure








such as









in fact

in basic

in particular

in detail

for instance

for instance

to demonstrate

to emphasize

to repeat

to clarify

to explain

to enumerate

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Reference librarian are specially trained to help patrons​...

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