Track down every relic, mural, and record in rise of the tomb Raider v our complete locations guide

In the chamber housing the Atlas, look because that grappling hooks in the middle of the room. Swing across these to with a balcony whereby this paper sits on one more pedestal.

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Relic #1 - Pennon Flag

When you reach the giant, loosened statue, you"ll require to find Greek fire ship to knock it free. Throughout your search, you"ll enter this courtyard at the northern finish of the area. Climb the wall surface in the earlier corner come a balcony, climate leap over the dual spike trap to uncover the relic in a corner.

From Relic #1, monitor the upper hallway to reach a balcony the end front. Leap come the broken portion to discover this atop a pedestal.

Document #5 - The Exodus

Head because that the southern fifty percent of the area. Encountering the Greek fire dispenser, head up the right staircase to uncover this atop a crate.

Relic #2 - battle Standard

Leap over the dispenser to the various other balcony and also make a U-turn to your appropriate to reach a relic behind a gate.

Mural #2 - years of Plenty

You"ll have to return below with Climbing Arrows to discover this. Head because that the cave automatically following whereby you escaped native the Deathless archers earlier in the game. Shooting an arrow into the wall surface pictured above, then rise to the i above. ~ a series of jumps and also swings, you"ll ultimately crawl into the rock chamber where this is found on a wall.

Mural #3 - The new City

The critical mural"s attached come a wall just before you exit the area. You can’t miss out on it.

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