Riverside High School placed in the peak 50% of all schools in Texas for as whole test scores (math ability is peak 10%, and reading ability is bottom 50%) because that the 2018-19 institution year.

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The percent of college student achieving ability in mathematics is 75% (which is higher than the Texas state median of 51%) because that the 2018-19 institution year. The portion of college student achieving capability in reading/language arts is 33% (which is reduced than the Texas state average of 47%) for the 2018-19 school year.
Minority enrollment is 98% that the college student body (majority Hispanic), i m sorry is greater than the Texas state median of 72% (majority Hispanic).
Riverside High School"s student populace of 1,120 students has stayed fairly flat over 5 school years.





Riverside High institution is ranked within the optimal 50% of all 8,043 institutions in Texas (based turn off of linked math and also reading proficiency experimentation data) because that the 2018-19 school year.
The diversity score of Riverside High institution is 0.06, i m sorry is less than the diversity score at state average of 0.64. The school"s diversity has actually stayed reasonably flat over 5 school years.

The nearest high school and middle institution to Riverside High school is Cesar Chavez Academy (0.4 miles away)
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A $750,000 gift come Los Angeles Unified school District will go to broadening art programs in schools throughout the district.

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We report top top the final arrangement for consolidating and closing colleges in Washington D.C., which reflects input from the community, as well as determinations through the Chancellor and also other officials.

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