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TCL to be the an initial brand to present a Roku TV, which adjusted the game for the capabilities of smart TVs. Also with all of their success, there space still times when problems arise for your TV. What do you perform if your TVL TV won’t revolve on, of, or turns on and also off on its own?

If your TCL TV won’t turn on, off, or keeps transforming on and also off ~ above its own shot completing a hands-on reset, inducing a strength cycle, uninstalling problem applications, upgrade the firmware, transforming the input, or switching the power source among other resolutions.


When friend invest in other as routinely used and also as i have lot of money as a TV, you suppose it to execute without error. However, an innovation fails at times and TCL TVs room no exception. Proceed reading to find any type of problem neighboring your TCL TV transforming on, off, or turning off and on by chin while also discovering the ideal solutions for resolving the issue.

TCL TV Won’t turn On/Off


One of the most fundamental and essential aspects of any type of TCL TV is its ability to turn off and also on. If you go to rotate on your TV and find that nothing is registering as well as a blank, black screen, over there obviously is a problem. Also more, if you obtain your TV to rotate on however it will not turn ago off, you space left with a perpetual working picture during every those times as soon as watching TV just is not necessary.

If her TCL TV won’t revolve on or off, very first check to make certain that the TV itself is not the issue. To do this, walk to the earlier or bottom of your TCL television and find the hands-on power switch and try powering on your TV v this workaround. If your TV powers on, climate the difficulty likely lies within your remote control, however, if that does not power on, then much more investigation will certainly be needed.

If you try to rotate your TV on through its strength button, check to check out if the strength cord is correctly plugged right into the TV and also to the outlet. If this is not the issue, climate a power cycle the the TV can be essential to obtain your TCL TV to revolve off and on properly. To complete a strength cycle, unplug the TV from its power resource for 60 secs then plug the TV earlier into that very same power resource to assist things reset and also restore back to normal.

TCL TV Keeps turning On/Off through Itself


Next to your TCL TV not turning on or turn off at all, comes the difficulty of your TV transforming on and also off by itself. This may seem an excellent for those of girlfriend who want a touch-free experience, but when you space in the middle of an overtime game, in ~ the really end of her favorite movie, or space streaming the season finale that a new show, this deserve to be a major problem. If you discover that your TV randomly is turning off and on through itself, proceed reading to uncover your solution.

If your TCL TV keeps transforming off and also on by itself, go to either the side or bottom of your TV and also look because that the reset button. As soon as you find the recess that the reset button, take it a long pointed object and also press it into this recess if holding it because that at least 15 seconds. As soon as you have actually held that in for those 15 seconds, remove the object. This should reason a manufacturing facility reset for her TV causing the problem to stop.

For those of you that room using the Roku app on your phone, there deserve to sometimes be problems with the application that move to her TV. If the applications is not totally closed on her phone, her TCL TV have the right to think that you are trying to connect a regimen that can cause it to rotate on by itself. Therefore, as soon as you are done with the application, be sure that you fully close out of it to prevent any type of phantom ignitions.

TCL TV Keeps Restarting/Rebooting


Beyond merely just turning off and on by itself, part TCL owners have experienced difficulties with their TVs restarting or rebooting continuously. Return restarting her TV occasionally is no an issue, if this happens repeatedly, it deserve to not only be concerning, but can be incredibly time-consuming. If you find that her TCL TV is restarting and rebooting much more than that should, there room a couple of different solutions you can shot below.

If her TCL TV keeps restarting or rebooting, check to view what might be leading to the problem. If her TV is restarting each time you shot to use a specific application, the application can be the trouble rather than the TV itself. Uninstall the application and also then run one more application to view if the difficulty is solved, then you can reinstall that same application or upgrade it as needed.

If a certain application is no the problem, it might be that your TV has actually not been updated v the many recent firmware. To update the firmware on her TCL TV hit ‘Home’ on her remote regulate > pick ‘Settings’ > ‘System’ > ‘System Update’ > ‘Check Now” to inspect for any updates that are obtainable > continue with the download if available.

TCL TV Won’t revolve On however Light is On


Typically, when people experience issues with your TV turning on there is no sign of power whatsoever indicated from the TV. However, some owners the TCL TVs have actually reported and experienced concerns with your TV not turning on, however a light is still operation on the TV, indicating the there is some type of power. If you have a TCL TV that is no powering on, yet has a light that is on, take it a look below to troubleshoot your problem.

If your TCL TV won’t revolve on however a light is on, make sure that her TV isn’t grounding on one input the is simply a black screen. This can be brought about by other connected devices such together Blu-Ray football player or also game consoles. Come ensure the your TV is not merely stuck on a black color screen, either push the home button which is situated on your remote manage or move the inputs of her TV to readjust what is displayed.

If the black screen is tho appearing and there is no authorize of power, try completing a strength cycle on your TCL, i beg your pardon will help to resolve any kind of temporary mechanism issues. The actions for this process can be found within the previous article “TCL TV Won’t revolve On/Off.” girlfriend can additionally attempt come reset the TV manually, which has actually previously been debated in the same section, simply follow the instructions to finish a manual reset.

TCL TV Won’t turn On No Light


If you walk to revolve your TCL TV on and a light shows up on her TV, this is great because that is made clear the your TV is receiving power. However, if you try to turn the TV on, however no light is indicated, this can be reason for concern due come the absence of power that is being moved to her TV. Return this can be rather alarming, no irradiate on your TCL TV is not an indication that a significant problem has occurred right off the bat.

If her TCL TV won’t rotate on and there is no light, you very first want to ensure the your TV is not only securely plugged straight into a power source, yet that the very same cord is also securely inserted into her TV. If you are using a power strip for your TV, this could also be the worry as some space not fitted to manage the lot of strength that a TV expends. That is constantly wise to have actually your TV plugged into a direct power source.

When friend verify the the power resources are one of two people the problem or room not the problem, you will either stop right here or proceed on with an ext troubleshooting. If this go not deal with your issue, find the reset switch on the earlier of your TCL TV and also complete a hand-operated reset which can be referenced in the previous ar “TCL TV Won’t turn On/Off.” You deserve to also shot plugging her TCL TV right into a completely different power resource to check out if strength is regained.

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TCL TV Won’t remain On


When you begin your TCL TV and there room no issues with powering on, you might be inclined to think the all issues are much behind you. However, some owners have voiced problems with your TV turning off once it has turned on, thus bringing about the issue of the TV not continuing to be on. This is certainly a huge inconvenience because that those trying come binge-watch a series or simply obtain through the news without interruption, for this reason what have the right to you do?

If your TCL TV won’t continue to be on, this problem might be resulted in by an internal timer that has actually been set within your TV. To check to watch if any timers have actually been set, press the ‘Home’ button located on your remote control > role to ‘Settings’ > pick ‘System’ > ‘Time’ > ‘Sleep Timer’ > and then check to see if any type of timers have actually been set to reason your TV to turn off automatically. If so, disable those timers.

If there space no timers collection for your TV, check to watch if any kind of other devices may it is in conflicting v the TV itself, which may cause it to turn off top top its own. For some, once using things prefer a Fire Stick that requires another remote to function, the signals can conflict which can reason the TV to power down. Eliminate the battery from the spare remote and also see if this stop the trouble of your TV transforming off top top its own.