There will certainly be no shortage the star strength for UFC 190 on Saturday night in ~ HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, however there is no question the women"s bantamweight clash between Ronda Rousey and also Bethe Correia will have actually fight fans across the world captivated.

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Rousey is the undefeated UFC women"s bantamweight champion and also has barely been tested during her experienced career, however Correia will certainly look to put a protect against to that versus her best rival and also on house soil in prior of her Brazilian fans.

Along with Rousey versus Correia, here is a full rundown that predictions for every UFC 190 bout, as well as all the details you must enjoy the whole event.

Where: HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

When: Saturday, Aug. 1 at 7 p.m. ET (early prelims), 8 p.m. ET (Fox sports 1 prelims) and 10 p.m. ET (main card pay-per-view)

Watch: PPV (main card) and also Fox sports 1 (prelims)


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UFC 190 Predictions

Fight Picks because that UFC 190
Weight ClassWinning FighterLosing Fighter
Women's BantamweightRonda RouseyBethe Correia
Light HeavyweightMauricio RuaAntonio Rogerio Nogueira
LightweightFernando BrunoGlaico Franca
BantamweightDileno LopesReginaldo Vieira
HeavyweightAntonio Rodrigo NogueiraStefan Struve
HeavyweightAntonio SilvaSoa Palelei
Women's StrawweightClaudia GadelhaJessica Aguilar
WelterweightDemian MaiaNeil Magny
Light HeavyweightPatrick CumminsRafael Cavalcante
WelterweightWarlley AlvesNordine Taleb
BantamweightIuri AlcantaraLeandro Issa
MiddleweightClint HesterVitor Miranda
BantamweightHugo VianaGuido Cannetti

Breaking Down top Fights

Ronda Rousey vs. Bethe Correia

Rousey"s supremacy is not unlike Mike Tyson"s run of success early in his boxing career, and Correia is hoping she have the right to play the function of Buster Douglas on Saturday night.

Doing so will be an extremely tall order, yet the 32-year-old Brazilian has done everything in her strength to throw Rowdy off her video game entering the fight. That consists of comments to Damon martin of Fox Sports, suggesting that the best star in women"s MMA is overrated:

Ronda has this characteristic of gift this almighty perfect fighter, and also the media"s produced this illusion the she"s unbeatable. Ns don"t believe she"s unbeatable. I deserve to go in there and also beat her.

Even in the interview she did freshly where she stated she to be going to use me as an instance of what no to do for the various other girls coming up—it"s other she"s trying to make herself seem for this reason dangerous and make human being fear she in a way. She"s do the efforts to produce this illusion around herself, and it"s do me want to go the end there and also do justice for anyone else.

Correia"s brashness has clearly fired Rousey up, as evidenced by her intensity throughout the the pre-fight staredown v her opponent, as watched in this video clip courtesy that UFC Canada:

UFC Canada

#UFC190 Media Day it s okay heated in Rio!
RondaRousey vs.
BetheCorreia | respectable 1, LIVE ~ above Pay-Per-View!

Rousey additionally claimed that regardless of all yet one of she fights being stopped in the an initial round, she intends to attract this one out in order to punish Correia, relayed by TMZ:

If i beat friend quickly, that"s me in ~ my nicest and also most merciful. That means you gain to go residence unscathed v a paycheck. If ns make the fight last longer, that means I don"t like you and also I want you come go home looking different than the means you to walk in...and i don"t favor this chick.

Correia has actually talked a large game, but few expect her to come out on top. That contains Kenny Florian the UFC Tonight, who feels together though nobody is top top Rousey"s level:

UFC tonight

DC and Kenny both go through Rousey to defeat Correia in ~ #UFC190. Together Kenny said, "She's 20-30 years ahead of anyone else."

It is daunting to argue with that notion, considering the American superstar"s level that success, therefore the biggest question relates to exactly how long the fight will certainly last.

Despite Rousey"s contention the she will certainly toy through Correia, she won"t do anything to risk a loss. Because of that, look at for she to retain her title in vintage fashion v a first-round armbar.

Mauricio Rua vs. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira

In a back that has actually been a decade in the making, Mauricio Rua and also Antonio Rogerio Nogueira will fulfill in what assures to be a highly competitive irradiate heavyweight battle.

Rua defeated Nogueira 10 years back in what many consider to be among the greatest MMA fights of all time. Both fighters are much longer in the tooth currently as Rua is 33 and also Nogueira is 39, yet the desire to win is quiet present.

For Nogueira, who has actually lost three of his past 5 fights, this meeting has actually been a lengthy time coming, report by Steven Marrocco and John Morgan the MMAjunkie:

"We were an alleged to fight 2 years ago. However now, I have an opportunity to fight against him. So i think this fight was a war in 2005, so for me that a good opportunity to fight the again. I"m walk to execute my ideal to victory this time."

Although both fighters are probably a bit slower and also less an effective than they to be in 2005, Shogun feels as though the rematch will certainly be comparable to their an initial meeting, every Guilherme Cruz of MMA Fighting:

I mean a tough fight, man. "Minotouro" is a challenging fighter, has actually a vast heart, so i expect one more war, just like in our 2005 fight. The likes to strike and also so perform I, for this reason a brawl is inevitable, right? I"ve been fighting because that over 10 years, and so does he, therefore I"m sure we both will keep it standing. It"s MMA, but our finest weapon is our striking game.

The very first edition that Rua matches Nogueira went the distance, and there is no factor to believe their rematch will be any different in that regard.

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Rua start the contest in the middle of a challenging stretch, as he has actually dropped 4 of his past five fights, however thanks come the energy engendered by dealing with his greatest foe in his house country, he"ll scratch out a back-and-forth decision victory.