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OPERATING HOURS: Summer (Apr come Oct): Mondays through Fridays 6am to 12 noon, 1pm to 2pm. Winter (Nov come March): 7 work a week, 6am come 12pm, 1pm to 4pm. At Room In The Inn, house is made from tangibles and intangibles. Shelter. Respect. Food. Independence. Family. Safety. Health. Love. Support. Room In The Inn’s mission is to provide these come you our neighbors struggling through homelessness every day. Room In The Inn offers emergency assistance, transitional support and also permanent options in collaboration with an ext than 50 various other agencies and over 190 congregations.Programs and also services include: dilemm Support Day shelter & Emergency Winter Shelter
 Veterans’ Drop-In facility Rent & utility Deposit Assistance
 Jail alternate for the publicly intoxicated in partnership with Metro PoliceHospitality Documentation Assistance
 Meal program Transportation Services
 an individual Care Services, supplies & laundry Services
 Address/Mail solutions & Telephone/Internet Access
Education GED program & Accredited Associates level Program proficiency Programs & loan Library
 Workforce advance Computer Skills, an imaginative Expression & Life an abilities Classes Alcohol & Drug education & Referrals
 daily Spiritual ReflectionShelter Recuperative treatment for the Medically fragile Housing because that those Awaiting Alcohol & Drug therapy Programs
 Transitional housing for the Chronically Homeless
 Transitional real estate for Veterans
 short-lived & permanent Storage
 Secure record & medicine StorageLong-term options On-Campus, Permanent, Affordable Housing
 case Management & supportive Counseling
 Employment search & placement Assistance
 Long-Term areas of Support
Other important services:You might receive mail at Room In The InnShowers are accessible from 6am to 8am in the morning. Simple toiletries are likewise available. Telephones are available. Problem Abuse recovery Program. Meetings assist 9am come 1:30pm. Lunch is served Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays. Tickets are spread at 10:15am. Sunday breakfast in ~ 9am. Warehouse is provided for her belongings. Recuperative CareOur recuperative treatment program is a residential program for men and also women struggling v homelessness who space discharged native the hospital but are still in require of post-treatment care. They may need time to recover from a trauma or assault, mange a chronic contition, stabilize on a new medication, prepare because that a clinical procedure, or recover from a significant viral or bacter illness. Through this time to recuperate comes a clean bed, three meals a day, showers, assist following post-care instructions, prescription assistance, aid with making follow-up appointments, and assistance with various other needs.We have actually recently broadened our recuperative treatment program and also we now have actually 21 beds for homeless individuals who have a need for medical respite yet have no place to go. We have strengthened our partnerships through area hospitals, consisting of HCA/TriStar, St. Thomas, Vanderbilt medical Center, and also others. Our staff works v hospitals and other healthcare providers to take referrals, and develop post-stay departure plans because that our guests.

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Our goal is because that each recuperative care guest to have an action plan in location by the end of your stay. Numerous guests who an initial came to us for recuperative treatment have been associated with the wide array that resources available through Room In The Inn and continued their journey to irreversible housing.

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