about The Thrill that It all

"The Thrill of that All" is a single by English rock tape Roxy Music taken from their 1974 album nation Life. The single was backed by the "All I want Is You" B-side, an important track referred to as "Your Application"s Failed", which is the just track to date written by drummer Paul Thompson. The track was re-released on "The Thrill of the All" boxset.

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The sky is darkThe wind is coldThe night is youngBefore it?s old and also grayWe will knowThe trill of it allThe time has comeIt?s acquiring lateIt?s currently or neverDon"t hesitate or stallWhen ns call, don"t spoilThe thrill of it allAnd before you go to sleep at nightPreying shadows, carry out they ask you why?And in the morning through the afternoonDo girlfriend wonder where you"re walking to?Every word ns useEach crumpled pageStrange ideasMature v ageLike leavesWhen autumn fallsTurn goldThen they struggle the groundEvery time ns hearThe latest soundIt?s pure whiskeyReeling round and aroundMy brainOh, and all o? that jiveIt?s control me wildThe dizzy turn I"m inEverywhere i lookI see your faceI hear her nameIt?s everywhere the placeHey girlThough you"ve goneStill ns recallThe trill of the allYou might as well know what is appropriate for youAnd do the most of what you prefer to doFor every the pleasure that"s neighboring youShould compensate for all you"re walk throughSo if you"re emotion fraughtWith mental strainToo much thinking?sGot you down againWell, let her senses skipStay hipKeep coolTo the thrill of it allWhen you shot too muchYou shed controlPressure risesAnd so I"m toldSomething"s gained the giveOy VehHigh life ecstasyYou might as well liveI can"t seeI can"t speakI couldn"t take more than an additional weekWithout you, oh noSo I will drink mine fillTill the trill is youOh, the thrill of the allOh, the thrill of that allNo i won"t forgetThe thrill of it allNo, no, no, no, no, no, no

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Roxy Music Roxy Music space an English art rock band formed in 1971 by Bryan Ferry, who became the group"s command vocalist and also chief songwriter, and also bassist Graham Simpson. The various other members space Phil Manzanera (guitar), Andy Mackay (saxophone and oboe) and Paul Thompson (drums and percussion). Previous members encompass Brian Eno (synthesiser and "treatments"), and also Eddie Jobson (synthesiser and violin).

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Although the tape took a break from group activities in 1976 and also again in 1983, they rejoined for a concert tourism in 2001, and also have toured together intermittently because that time. An ext »