There is nothing an ext frustrating than a game crashing just as you attach to the server. This is a common dilemma confronted by Rust players, more often than not, when logging in a server. Rust crashing when joining a server can be as result of several factors—from low computer virtual memory, broken game files, and also many others. Our team has actually compiled basic but reliable fixes to every these problems.

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Rust crashing when joining server difficulties can it is in solved depending on the cause of the crash. Two of the easiest to resolve are an out-of-date graphic driver and broken video game files.

If your graphics driver is out of date, you deserve to use software program to identify and fix the issue. A good example is Driver Easy. The software scans your computer for outdated software and also informs you of available updates.


If the game papers are broken, you can likewise quickly settle it by ‘verifying the verity of game files’ from your steam interface. Friend can access the setup by running steam navigating to ‘library,’ ‘properties,’ ‘local files,’ climate ‘verify integrity of video game files.’ once the scan is complete, vapor will give you a report and possible next steps.


For various other Rust crashing when joining server issues, you’ll require a more systematic approach. Below are five of the most typical problems and also how to solve them on your PC.

The many straightforward resolve is to restart her PC and rerun the game. This action is reliable for many gaming/work-related issues. The necessary thing is to actually restart your PC, not simply close apps and also open them earlier up.

You’ll must save every your open projects and also shut under your computer. You can usually discover the alternative on the start menu. Girlfriend can also use the faster way ‘Windows an essential + D’ to walk to the desktop computer and then pushing ‘Alt + F4.’ You’ll get a pop-up whereby you can choose in between shutting down, restarting, or putting your computer system to sleep.


If you start the game again and still endure rush crashing once joining the server, relocate on come the following steps. It also helps come make certain your computer meets the system requirements listed below.

Your PC’s digital memory is a mix of your storage room and RAM. It is used to conserve temporary documents when you run apps and also perform tasks. Your virtual memory will certainly fill up as your pc performs an ext intensive functions due to the fact that you’re creating much more files.

If your system’s virtual memory is too little to accommodate Rust’s short-term files, it will certainly crash. (This can additionally happen when space is filled up with files from various other tasks, and restarting your PC have the right to solve it.)

The good news is the you deserve to increase her PC’s virtual memory to accommodate bigger files. The poor news is the it’s a long-winded process.

To begin, search and select ‘Advanced system settings’ on your windows search console. As soon as the window pops up, navigate to ‘settings,’ then ‘advanced,’ then ‘change’ under ‘virtual memory.’


You’ll obtain a new pop-up window where you need to uncheck ‘automatically regulate paging record size for all drives.’ Then, click her C drive, pick ‘custom size,’ and type 4096 MB or higher.

Note: ours team recommends that you collection the online memory to three times your lamb for the best results.

Once you collection the new virtual memory, save your changes and close the pop-up by click ‘okay’ wherever appropriate. Next, restart her PC and launch the game.

Some players endure rust crashes while running the heavy steam Beta <1> version. If you’re among them, opt-out and also relaunch the game.

You deserve to do this through launching Steam, opened ‘settings,’ clicking ‘change’ under ‘account,’ and selecting ‘NONE – Opt-out of all beta programs.’ Click ‘okay’ to conserve your settings. Restart vapor and relaunch the game.

Sometimes, Rust difficulties come under to a lack of administrator privileges. Luckily, this is quickly fixed. Merely right-click on your steam icon, pick ‘properties,’ and also navigate to the ‘compatibility’ tab. Next, check the ‘Run this regimen as administrator’ box, choose ‘apply,’ climate ‘okay.’

Re-installing steam is the last will if every the over steps don’t work. Prior to attempting this, ours team would certainly advise that you shot all the other fixes and also ensure that your pc meets Rust’s requirements.

Rust deserve to crash as soon as you’re authorized on a PS4 since you haven’t updated your system. Similar to with apps on her mobile phone, updates are compelled for programs to operation properly. If you doubt this to it is in the issue, you have the right to fix it by complying with the steps below

The very same goes for updating the recent Rust patch. Developer can additionally upgrade the early Rust patch, i beg your pardon will deal with recurring issues. Make sure you have actually the latest variation of the Rust patch.

Rust is crashing most likely due to an error in connection with the server. The problem may not lie with you in ~ all. Examine if there are any kind of PSN server problems via the PS4 website to watch if that is the issue.

Sometimes the best way to address game crashing is through canceling and starting over. If PSN servers are functioning optimally, climate the problem might be with the game or her console. Our designers suggest canceling your initial link attempt and beginning over. It’s hard to guarantee a solution by canceling in ~ a particular point, for this reason you may need to shot a couple of times.

If the database is corrupt, climate connection worries can be rather common. You can try rebuilding the database if you doubt this to be the cause.

The HUD, or heads-up display, might be leading to Rust come crash as well. To accessibility the HUD settings execute the following:

push the Esc button Click “Options” Then pick “user interface” Switch off “show HUD” Then press Esc again come return

Digital glitches and also bugs space inevitable, i m sorry is unfortunately in our phase of technological advancements. As countless of you would know, occasionally shutting turn off a system and also restarting that again have the right to solve the problem. Or in this case, that a matter of uninstalling then reinstalling the game.

If every else fails, consider deleting everything and installing it as soon as again.

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Xbox will often attend to a problem by issuing a Hotfix patch that is obtainable for download. Girlfriend can additionally select to store your video game updated at every times top top the Xbox One by heading into the settings, choose “all settings”, climate “system”, climate “updates”.

Even outdated graphics can reason your Rust come crash as soon as you join a server. You can either shot to upgrade your graphics vehicle drivers or tweak the existing settings for better performance.

You have the right to attempt to readjust the HUD settings also on your Xbox to watch if the helps minimization the crashes. Open the menu and also scroll to the appropriate to head into “system”, then locate “settings”. Uncover the “general” tab climate click right into “TV & display options”.

From here, you have the right to input the correct screen size, setup, and advanced options.

Background tasks have actually a more far-reaching effect on her PC’s performance 보다 you think. Basic apps favor browsers, video players, or also messengers choose Whatsapp have the right to take away processing power indigenous Rust. Always close elevator tasks prior to attempting to join a server.

Broken, damaged or missing game documents will constantly limit her gameplay. Be certain to verify the truth of her game files when you suffer crashes.

Most gamers recognize this already, but it never damages to double-check. Rust mechanism requirements include the following:

CPU: Intel main point i7-3770 / AMD FX-9590 or higher RAM:8 GB or higher GPU graphics Card: GTX 670 2GB / AMD R9 280 or greater storage Space: 10 GB

If your pc doesn’t satisfy these, the game will always crash. The opportunities are that the game may never launch in the very first place. If it does, the frame rate and also graphic rendering will be terrible.

Some requirements deserve to be quickly fixed, favor upgrading your ram or obtaining a quicker SSD device. But if your processor doesn’t’ measure up, you may never gain Rust there is no server crashes.

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You have the right to fix Rust crashing once you join a server through verifying the truth of video game files, boosting your PC’s virtual memory, or restarting her computer. If every else fails, think about reinstalling heavy steam or Rust.

(For various other related server issues, friend can check this web page onhow to solve Don’t Starve together not getting here server issues next)

These remedies will fix most Rust crash issues. Our team recommends the you start from the many straightforward fixes, choose restarting her PC prior to attempting more complicated ones, favor reinstalling Steam.

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