“El Buey de la Barranca”

“The Bull in the Ravine” Ish. My Spanish is in the works.

It’s the story of a young guy named Federico, who fell asleep while he was claimed to it is in watching the cows and oxen on his family’s ranch. It’s a nonsense tune that’s really cute and great for children (mostly) since there are plenty of repeated lines in it, together as"

“Sacaremos ese buey de la barranca,” which roughly translates come “We space taking/will take this ox the end of the ravine."

However, there is a solitary curse indigenous in the critical chorus:

"Meteremos ese güey a la barranca,” which around translates come “we’ll put that ”dude“ in the canyon (ravine)." However, güey may also mean "asshole."

In context, everyone is furious through Federico due to the fact that the ox that he thought was absent and got everyone native his Godfather approximately his state’s government associated in trying to find it wasn’t actually in the ravine. So, the is an extremely highly feasible that they to be calling him an asshole and were walking to killing him because the bull was appropriate where the was supposed to be.

Here’s the story:

Federico gained drunk top top alcohol do from the maguey plant and also fell sleep while his oxen and also cows wandered off to the ravine (canyon in the attached translation). Federico was horrified the his herd had actually wandered off and also thought that he had lost a big bull ox (buey) in the canyon when he awoke.

His Godfather offered to aid him search for it. The "common” (poor) civilization of their region offered to aid them both find for the bull in the ravine when the an initial two had actually trouble detect it. The state federal government soon got involved and also started helping them search for the lacking bull ((this is starting to gain out that hand, ya feeling me?)).

So, every one of these civilization are gathered in Federico’s yard, ready to walk down right into the canyon/ravine to get this dude’s bull. Then, Federico wake up to look into the barn and also finds the bull, safe and sound. Anyone was, understandably, angry v the young man and also started singing, “Meteremos ese güey a la barranca,” or “We’re acquisition this asshole to the ravine." So, they to be going to litter him into the canyon.

It’s conveniently one the my favorite songs from as soon as I was cultivation up.

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Also if the is a story about a drunkard at some point getting murdered over a bull. (ノ◕‿◕)ノ