Arranged by terrycloth WorthThis song deserve to be transposed to any key you wish. But, ns have uncovered that the playswell in the an essential of C or D.Key the D chords space in this fashion: Verse:D Fm G Asusp ad Fm G AG Fm G DFm G Asusp AChorus:Em G(or Em7) D AEm G(or Em7) D Asusp advertisement D/Fbass(pinky ~ above 4thfret, 5thstring) D/Ebass(pinky on 2ndfret,5thstring) DG(or Em7) AEm7 Asusp A A(with open second string) AEm G(or Em7) DD Fm G Asusp A Sad Eyed Lady that The Lowlands by Bob DylanIntro:C Em F G G7Verse 1: C Em F G v your mercury mouth, In the missionary times... C Em F G and your eyes prefer smoke, and also your prayers prefer rhymes F Em F CAnd her silver cross, and also your voice prefer chimes Em7 F Gsusp GOh, who perform they think could bury you?Chorus:Dm F C GSad eyed lady that the lowlands.Dm F C G G7 wherein the sad eyed prophet states that no guy comes C C/Em am Am/G F G G7My warehouse eyes, my arabian drumsDm Gsusp G must I put them by your gate? Dm F C Em F G G7Oh, sad eyed lady; have to I wait?2. V your mercury mouth, in the missionary times,And her eyes favor smoke, and your prayers choose rhymes,And your silver cross, and your voice favor chimes,Oh, who perform they think might bury you?With your pockets well safeguarded at last,And her streetcar visions that place you on the grass,And your flesh choose silk, and your face like glass,Who can they get to lug you?Chorus 3. With your sheets like metal and also your belt prefer lace,And your deck that cards absent the jack and the ace,And her basement clothes and also your hollow face,Who among them could ever think he could out-guess you?With her silhouette when the sunlight dimsInto her eyes whereby the moonlight swims,And your match-book songs and also your gypsy hymns,Who amongst them would shot to admire you?Chorus3. The majesties of Tyrus through their convict listAre waiting in line for their geranium kiss,And you wouldn"t recognize it would happen like this,But who among them yes, really wants simply to kiss you?With your childhood flames on your midnight rug,And your Spanish manners and your mother"s drugs,And your cowboy mouth and your curfew plugs,Who among them execute you think might resist you?Chorus4.

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Oh, the farmers and the businessmen, they all did decideTo present you the dead angels that they used to hide.But why go they choose you come sympathize with their side?Oh, how might they ever mistake you?They wished you"d welcomed the blame for the farm,But with the sea at her feet and the phony false alarm,And v the child of a hoodlum wrapped up in your arms,How can they ever, ever before persuade you?Chorus5. With your sheet-metal memory of Cannery Row,And her magazine-husband who sooner or later just had to go,And your gentleness now, i beg your pardon you simply can"t aid but show,Who among them carry out you think would certainly employ you?Now friend stand through your thief, you"re ~ above his paroleWith your holy medallion which her fingertips fold,And your saint-like face and also your ghost-like soul,Oh, who among them carry out you think might destroy you? Chorus