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SynopsisSaitou, a fairly arrogant kid, announces his super power to his course on the an initial day of high school. He imagines that it will make all the girls swoon, and he"ll be crazily popular. Unfortunately, his capacity to bending a spoon looks much more like a cheap trick than a supervisor power, and everyone laughs in his face. Quickly he learns the he is not the only kid through superpowers in ~ the school, and also there is also a supervisor Powers study Club. He soon finds self dragged right into the society of a familiar invincible girl, a violent telekinetic girl, and a mind-reader. Rather than being swooned over, Saitou shows up to have actually the the very least impressive capability of the group! Is over there any method for that to obtain the happy high school life he to be hoping for?(Source: MangaHelpers)


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I'll type something quick since i just ended reading this and also i must talk about it, thank you in breakthrough for taking the moment to review it.Story: The setting is simple, ours MC is an ESPer, and also as together he thinks of himself to be above "normal" people. Honestly, ns was expecting a basic comedy and also laughs and that to be what ns got, even if the setup itself isn't the many original. (7)Art: Honestly, the arts is amazing, there is no a doubt the best thing about the manga itself. The ecchi is nice tame, altho present, and also its not over abundant, so the doesn't distract you from the story itself and also isn't over supplied for the "oh for this reason many" ecchi jokes. (9)Characters: They room for the majority, enjoyable, however nothing particular spectacular either, over there isn't noþeles new, however nothing so negative you wanna pluck your eyeballs out and also seer or mind so you never remember them. (7)Enjoyment: ns was expecting something, and i got it. Ns didn't make me go "OMG THIS IS so GREAT" but i did gain it because that what that was, if you are looking for a light and also fun read, walk for it. Don't mean anything to major (7)Overall: Honestly, after reading it, i feel prefer the story acquired axed when it to be going to get in its ideal part, and also as such, it got a nice shitty ending. Nothing yes, really gets resolved, Saito (our MC) didn't acquire the advancement he deserved, the romance sub-plot stayed unfinished (did it also ever begin ? i guess...), we gain thrown some serious stuff the is supposed to happen in the future, and the setup itself has great potential to be good, and also if nothing rather to it is in a an excellent comedy, yet there simply aren't any more chapters, so it made me feel favor it fell short. (7)Again, i personally delighted in this series and that did do me laugh, but the lack of conclusion come the problem in the critical chapter and the absence of resolution come the romantic subplot make me reduced my overall enjoyment of this manga, yet it was still a good read therefore if you gain comedy and also some panty-shops, you'll probably enjoy this. Give it a read and fint out for yourself.