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– The Salvation military Oil City Dental center is right now seeking a brand-new dentist and hiring extr staff, offering methods to professionals in the area who are committed to offer families and also individuals in need.

As of this week, Dr. Matthew Kulinski is no longer providing services in ~ The Salvation military Oil City dental Center. As a result, the facility will temporarily be without a dentist. This transition requires The Salvation military Oil City Dental center to instate a temporary pause on some dental solutions for new patients as it goes through the rental process.

Due to the challenges related to acquiring a brand-new dentist, some previously scheduled appointments have to be postponed or rescheduled; however, The Salvation military Dental facility is may be to finish procedures because that patients who are at this time in the middle of a therapy process, such as crowns, dentures, etc.

The facility will resume full services because that all brand-new and existing patient as shortly as a brand-new dentist is recruited and hired. For the many up-to-date info on services, you re welcome visit https://easternusa.salvationarmy.org/western-pennsylvania/dental-centers/.

If current patients need their dentist records before full dental solutions resume, they room asked come please contact 814-670-0374 to gain the records/x-rays needed. (Patients will need to finish a release of records form).

“The Salvation army Western PA Division’s dental centers to be born the end of the need that we witnessed in our region for accessibility to affordable dental treatment – and also we remain devoted to fulfilling this need for Venango ar families,” said significant Gregory Hartshorn, Divisional Commander, The Salvation army Western PA Division.

“We room working swiftly and also diligently to recruitment a brand-new dentist who is not only totally qualified, however who is also devoted to our mission of law The Most an excellent in Venango County.”

The Salvation military Oil City Dental facility is situated at 217 Sycamore Street, Oil City, PA 16301. The Salvation Army additionally has a dental facility located in Johnstown. This full-service dentist clinics carry out high-quality treatment to families and also individuals in require in fully equipped dental offices. Our Indigent treatment Fund, giving low come no-cost diagnostic and also restorative care for low-income, uninsured patients, provides dental pain and dysfunction a thing of the previous with affordable treatment – and also brighter smiles – because that all.

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If you or who you recognize is interested in functioning as a dentist or dentist hygienist in ~ The Salvation military Oil City dentist Center, you re welcome send her resume and also cover letter via email to Captain Ted Tressler, Divisional Secretary because that Property, in ~ ted.tressler
use.salvationarmy.org or contact him by phone call 412-446-1607.