Samsung has captured the market of the mobile human being with many awesome smartphones and Galaxy S5 is among them. The camera, display, design and everything is excellent. The screen of this handset is brighter and bigger, and also the battery is larger. Galaxy S5 is powered by the 2800mAh battery and 2 GB RAM. The storage is 16/32 GB, which can be broadened using microSD. The vivid screen is additionally expanded come 5.1 inches and also includes biometrics. So, you will find many attractive attributes in Samsung Galaxy S5.

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All these features in Samsung Galaxy S5 are able to lure the call lovers, and many the them space picking the phone without offering a 2nd thought. However some users space not satisfied through the Wi-Fi connection, and also they space complaining about the Samsung Galaxy S5 sluggish Wi-Fi issue. The trouble that users are encountering is, Galaxy S5 is no connecting come the Wi-Fi network. Part users have reported that their device is connecting to the Wi-Fi network, however then the connection just drops.

Solutions that Samsung Galaxy S5 Wi-Fi issue

Before proceeding the article, the is finest to learn just how to increase your Wi-Fi signal on her Samsung Galaxy S5.

If friend are among the customers who are facing Samsung Galaxy slow S5 Wi-Fi issue, then there is naught to issue about. Here is exactly how you can fix the issue.

Method 1

First that all, restart your phone while dealing with this issue and also see if the problem still exists. If this step does no work, then download Wi-Fi Fixer application on her PC and install that there. Wifi Fixer is an application that solves wi-fi problem on Android devices.

Download the APK here


OR, download it from Google play.

Method 2

Reset the modem and also router. Turn the switch off, wait for couple of seconds and also turn on ago the switch of the router and modem to check if the sluggish Wi-Fi worry is fixed by then.

Method 3

In instance you have tried the over two methods and still the same issue exists, shot to forget the Wi-Fi network which has actually the issue and also reconnect. To forget Wi-Fi network:

Open the an alert panel through swiping down the screen and select SettingsNext tap top top the network connection tab and then choose Wi-FiIt will present you the easily accessible Wi-Fi network, pick the one which you desire to forget and press the forget buttonAgain add the Wi-Fi network complying with the same means and inspect if the problem is fixed now

Method 4

Another simple means to resolve this concern is come clean the cache partition of your S5. To perform so, 

First, rotate off her S5 completelyNext, press and hold the Volume up, power and home switch altogetherAs you watch Galaxy S5 logo design on the screen, release the power crucial but continue holding the various other two keysAfter couple of seconds, Android mechanism recovery display will appear and then relax all the keysIt will display various options Use Volume down switch for navigation and power vital to selectNavigate to and also select the choice ‘wipe cache partition’.Next, walk for ‘reboot mechanism now’ and your system will it is in restarted.

Also, the various other workarounds friend can shot to fix slow Wi-Fi problem on Galaxy S5 are:

Try changing the router bandwidth settingsChange the transfer channel the routerAdjusting the protection settings the modem and router is also helpful.If nothing works out, give a call to ISP and ask for a higher bandwidth or speed.

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Method 5

Comment via user

I discovered this settle on one more forum and also it functions flawlessly!

1. Download the application “DNS SET”2. Walk to wifi and also Forget Your current WIFI3. Pick Your present WIFI and also re-login4. Open “DNS collection ” App and select AUTO-RUN5.Check her WIFI rate with “OK LA SPEEDTEST” and be amazed!

I was going to market my S5, change routers, offer my home, prevent fishing and also kick the neighbor’s dog…but ~ weeks of trying to find a genuine fix….I woke up in ~ 4 am on a Sunday morning and also started reading the Samsung sluggish wifi trouble forums and also there this male that want to drop absent his S5 into next year with the slow wifi problem.

I never acquired out that bed…downloaded the DNS collection App and also forgot my current wifi connection and also re logged right into my current wifi router…Opened DNS collection APP and clicked on AUTO RUN…It’s the just box the You can click in this app.Checked Ookla rate test and also cheese my speed was in ~ 22 Mbps on an ATT Uverse wireless system…..Just carry out it….and happen it on….Heck Samsung can’t also tell your customers what will certainly work….so perform it Yourself!”