Samsung soundbars produce a beautiful sound experience, but you need to consider adding a subwoofer if you desire to enjoy far better low-frequency sounds. However, connecting a sub to your soundbar is tricky particularly without a remote. To prevent such hassle and stress, our audio team will certainly teach you exactly how to connect your Samsung soundbar come a sub without a remote.

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Sometimes, connecting a standalone sub to a Samsung soundbar is somewhat impossible. To create a connection, the soundbar and the subwoofer have to be compatible and natively paired.

In various other words, both the sub and also the soundbar should be marketed together and paired in ~ the branded line—for instance, a Samsung soundbar and a Samsung sub. A Samsung sub might not work with a non-Samsung soundbar; likewise, a Samsung soundbar can not occupational with a non-Samsung sub.

Connecting a sub to a soundbar guarantee you acquire a an ext robust, role play sound experience. Many soundbars only produce front-treble sound and not a powerful bass. For this reason, you require to include a subwoofer because that a full cinematic sound experience.


The main challenge of connecting a sub and a soundbar there is no a far lies through the wrongful plugging of the power cords and also the power outlet. Sometimes, the strength cords, once plugged in deserve to be loose, impacting the automatic connection.

If there’s no power in the outlet, connection can additionally be hindered.

Your Samsung soundbar and also subwoofer often affix automatically once they are turned on after ~ you plug in their power cords. Girlfriend don’t require a remote for this since the ID set has to be intelligently incorporated in both tools for instantaneous connection.

To develop this connection, connect the power cords the both the soundbar and the subwoofer come a power outlet. Strength on the soundbar, and also then wait for a couple of seconds. As soon as the blue LED indicator ~ above the sub maintains a stable glow there is no blinking, that way you have actually successfully associated your subwoofer to her soundbar.

On the various other hand, if the blue LED indicator continues to blink ~ a couple of minutes, it method there’s no connection. You need to restart the procedure all over again. Rotate off the soundbar, unplug both cords native the socket, and also reconnect castle back.


If it’s possible, plug right into a different power outlet. Ensure that is plugged in tightly. The factor for the failed link might be the the cords are loose.

If the connection fails again, it could be the either the below or soundbar is defective.

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If, for some reason, your subwoofer and also soundbar don’t affix automatically, you shouldn’t worry due to the fact that you can affix them manually. The truth is soundbars space designed to run with a remote, so if one instantaneous connection isn’t developed at first, you should attach manually using a remote. Our audio team of experts will make the connection procedure simpler for you.

If your remote is damaged, you can search through the industry for a compatible one. Alternatively, girlfriend can contact a Samsung outlet because that the exactly replacement. Beware the remotes native dubious dealers.

First that all, plug the power cords of both gadgets into an AC outlet. Top top the back of the subwoofer, locate the ID set button and press it. The switch may be also tiny for her fingers, therefore our team advises girlfriend to usage a pointed thing to press down the button.


Note the you can find an ID collection button on part Samsung soundbars rather of the subs. In this case, you should press and hold the ID collection button top top the remote to activate. You need to ensure that the remote control points come the soundbar.

Keep stop the switch down till the blue LED indicator blinks rapidly. When the soundbar remains off, press down the Mute button on the remote control and hold.

Keep holding under the Mute button until the ID set appears on display or you view a flash quick light present on the power button. Then rotate on the soundbar. Her subwoofer and soundbar are fully connected if the blue LED indicator is steady, yet if it’s still blinking, you should restart the process <1>.

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Although a Samsung soundbar can work without a subwoofer, it doesn’t develop a good bass sound. Connecting a subwoofer to a soundbar will certainly bring more depth to her sound system. Many users in ~ one point or the other have asked exactly how to affix your Samsung soundbar to a sub without a remote. Fortunately, our technical team has described here exactly how to create the connection automatically.

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