Android phone comes from many brands and companies. Approximately this time, over there is no such point as a perfect Android operation System. This is why part users experience some problems such together the display screen turns off when watching videos ~ above Android Phones. Read this post for more understanding and also to get tips on addressing the trouble by team

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Why does mine phone screen turn off once watching videos?

Various Android customers wondered why their screen turns off or blackens once watching videos. This occur because of various factors like bad internet connection, transforms in settings, malfunctioned applications, wrong charging, damaged battery, or application caches.

Firstly, poor internet link affects the video from playing due to the fact that it could prevent it from downloading it completely. Disconnected videos an outcome in transforming off or blackening the screen.

Sometimes, the screen timeout settings turn off the maker even in the town hall videos. Check the call settings and see how many seconds or minute you set before the display turns off.

In downloading an application, make sure that the is legit and does not have any viruses i beg your pardon can bug your device. In addition, that is common for part applications to have many caches which have the right to sometimes interrupt the to work of the Android phone even by doing little tasks choose watching videos.

Aside indigenous that, all phone users have to take care of your phone by charging it effectively at its ideal time. Do not charge your an equipment or prolong charging time even if that has full battery life. Moreover, evaluate the battery volume of the machine and research whether it is too old or incompatible for the Android phone anymore.

If no one of these factors link to her problem, much better consult a technician to see why her phones’ screen blackens or transforms off when watching videos.

How execute I stop my Android screen from transforming off as soon as watching video?

Before something else, assess the Android phone’s problem prior to performing alterations to settle it. This part suggests as countless recommendations as possible to solve your problem.

The first tip, as soon as you are looking for videos on YouTube or other online platforms and the screen suddenly transforms off, examine the strength of the net connection. Restart your net source, climate refresh the page or internet browser that you room viewing.

Secondly, uninstall apps that bugs the device. If the internet link is no the problem, look at the perform of applications friend have and also delete those untrusted apps that could contain viruses that damage the Android system.

Thirdly, adjust the display timeout feature of the device. Go to phone settings, look because that the display timeout choice under the display area. Collection the wanted duration prior to the display turns off. Just a reminder setup a long duration, the more it consumes battery life.

Fourth, reset factory settings to restart the device completely. This permits to reboot the an equipment and delete all unnecessary data the may have caused the display problem.

Finally, if nobody of the discussed solutions have worked, use a third-party tool to download or one of two people consult an professional to resolve problems while play videos.

How perform I resolve my black display screen on Android?

The black color screen difficulty can be fixed instantly by rebooting her Android device. One easy method is to long-press or holds much longer the “Home” and also “Power” move at as soon as for about 10 seconds. Relax both switches and hold the strength switch and wait till the machine turns on. If the machine shuts down because of lessened battery life, simply charge it before you turn it ~ above again.

Another method is to usage an Android device Repair device which is a program that fixes troubles of Android devices. Although this technique is quite tricky and also has a long procedure of installing, connecting the machine to a computer, and also then rebooting the phone, you have the right to just gain an expert or technician to perform the job.

How do I stop my Android display from time out?

Wanting to keep the display screen of the Android display longer than expected deserve to be manipulated. Luckily, v our brand-new generation devices, you have the right to simply insanity a few icons to change the setting based on her needs.

The very first move is come visit the device Settings and tap the screen menu. Look in ~ the display screen carefully and also find a display Timeout or Sleep setting – terms may differ depending on phone brands. The mean timeout for an Android phone call is 15 seconds up come 30 minutes.

Select a time or select the choice for “Keep display screen turned on” if you carry out not want it to sleep uneven you push the lock screen switch of the device. ~ that, friend are great to go. But constantly remember that rise duration that screen screen may drain the battery.

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Why does mine phone keep changing the screen timeout?

Even if you set the display timeout every day come 10 or 30 mins, the call keeps turning off again. This experience makes Android customers annoyed and distracted when using your phones. To deal with that problem, manipulate the phone call settings and do as follows. A reminder that the effectivity the this technique may vary based on the kind of Android phone.

Now to start, access the call settings, find for the machine Care option. Madness the Battery and also open its setups through the three-dot button. Review the screen and also go down to Optimizing Settings. And also finally, disable display screen timeout setting. Use the device and watch if the an approach is efficient or not.


The display turns off as soon as watching videos top top Android Phones is one of the simple issues that happen in some Android devices. Therefore, it could be a an outcome of several causes abovementioned like changes in the settings, bugged applications, negative internet, connection, and also more.

In the end, this write-up is only a overview that listed you through insights and techniques on exactly how to fix a display that transforms off once watching videos. Us hope that it operated for you and also continued making use of Android phones.